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The Negative and Positive Impacts of the Alaska Natives (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The institutions are as follows: In response to the 2 peers “That i have attached there posts below”, please reflect on their revised statement. Describe the ways you find it shows the complexity of the event, and provide a suggestion for how they can further develop the statement or the supporting examples.


The Negative and Positive Impacts of the Alaska Natives
Response: 8-1 Discussion
Reply 1 to Peers
The ANCSA indeed brought significant economic development among the Alaska natives. The 44 million acres the natives received and a cash payment of $962.5 million from the federal government and state oil revenues helped boost economic development (Brewster et al., 2021). This thesis statement's complexity is evident in how a corporation in rural areas has not been developing economically, but those in densely populated areas have been thriving well. Although ANSCA enhanced economic development among Alaska natives, is it the only one that is significant in people’s lives? Does it mean economic development is more beneficial than social and political development? Focusing on the other impacts of ANCSA, such as the social structure and development, is crucial.

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