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Internship Report Writing Assignment: IT Department (Other (Not Listed) Sample)




Internship Report
Institutional Affiliation
IntroductionBefore my internship commenced, I was concerned as I did not have information about what was required of me, the expectation I had were high, because it involved a broad internship.
Before my internship began, I had a chance to get briefed with HR head about the internship at the company, and they explained what kind an internship it is going to be. The organization is called Abu Dhabi Municipality which runs the city of Abu Dhabi through the building of infrastructures, road network, planning and promoting the city's development. The nature of my work, projects and assignments are from; observing, developing new ideas researching, assisting with planning especially in IT department. I Also carried out my research by traversing through the organization’s website to get an understanding what kind of organization it was.
After getting commencing my internship, in IT department I had a chance to learn more about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is which management computer software used for designing organization plans and project oversight. In the software may be, Oracle, CMS, or JDE product, which is primarily used for financial strategy in many organizations. Which. It is for this purpose that this internship report bears my experience at Abu Dhabi Municipality.
Company profile
For years UAE has seen almost staggering growth and expansion, recording large improvement across various sectors of the city, this is as a result of the futuristic visionary guidance of its kings. They have put in place ambitious goal of continuous growth, by imposing that the best quality infrastructure to be built to fuel and stimulate future growth.
The Abu Dhabi Municipality was formed in the year 1962 as the "Unit of Abu Dhabi Town and Municipality Planning." In the year 1969 an order was signed the royal to select the first town council for the metropolitan area of Abu Dhabi, to offer extensive services to members of the public and provide appropriate planning and expansion of the city, with established road systems, maintenance repairs, lighting works, sewerage, driving the Agriculture advancement Program in United Emirates and building markets in different locations.
With the continuous development of the UAE and middle east it was resolved, in the year 2005, to join Abu Dhabi Municipality, Works sector, AL Ain city, Animal and Agriculture Production sector of Al Ain to the sector of Townships and Agriculture, to establish a simplified management system and to offer a more advanced service to the mass.
In the year 2007, Abu Dhabi ruler Sheikh Khalifa promulgated a law setting up the Agency of Municipal Affairs as the main body managing the three administratively autonomous municipalities, the Abu Dhabi Municipality, Western Municipality, and Al Ain Municipality.
The Abu Dhabi Municipality has set up its initiation,to built up some fundamental objectives, particularly the implementation of plans designed provide a modern framework for the municipality including bridges, sewerage structures, road systems, modern modes of transport, consolidation of extensive development projects. The city has also gradually been advancing towards achieving the development set targets.
In order with the guidelines of the administration which focus on obtaining a modern city status, It is The Abu Dhabi Municipality’s primary agenda to set up a standard living habitat for city dwellers, with unmatched excellence life experience and modern facilities,
The Abu Dhabi is one of the founding organs of General Administration of UAE towns and Municipalities, an active member of the neighboring Western Municipality and also a member of Arab Towns Organization, and Association of the Islamic Cities: ("Welcome to The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City", 2017).
Job Description and Work Plan
As an intern at the organization, I was required to understand how the organization operates before offering assistance as recommended. Thus, the first three or four days involved organization familiarization with projects and learning more about the Information Technology planning system and Printing Management System of the organization. My primary work after the IT department orientation stage was working together with the colleagues in an Intranet project at the company. I also had a chance to know more about the firm’s network layout and how different units connect to trigger planning and management of the firm. The table outlined below is a brief of my work plan at the company. Work Plan Table




HR Team

Introduction to the IT department organization orientation


Mohamed Zaitoon

HR Team



Suleman Al-Ameri



Osama Alaydaras

Application Team(Network)

ADM Network introduction
-ADM Network diagram
-How IP addressing works and is deployed at ADM
-Voice Network for IP telephony
-Switch concepts
-Router concepts

Two weeks from 28 May till 8 June

Mohamed Zaiton

Application Team(Oracle)

- Introduction to Oracle Applications
- Definition of Oracle system as used in the HR department Technical details of the application and support
-Technical details of the application and support

One week from 11 June till 15 June 2017

Mohammed Zaiton

IT relation management team

Providing support to ADM users
-Answering phone calls and providing support

18 June till 22 June 2017

Osama Alaydarous

Eid Holiday

One week from 25 June till 29 June 2017

Eid Holiday

Technical Support Team

- Introduction to Top Helpdesk
-Service desk training
-Providing support to ADM users

One week from 2 July till 6July

Tharwa Al-Aghabri

Internship Objectives There are different goals of an internship. First, the trainee has a better chance to go beyond expectations this can secure the intern a job with the firm. Many organizations can easily offer the trainee who was attached to their firm a job position since they know individual's capability, point of view, talents, innovativeness, to perform a task with colleagues and overall fit with the company. For this cause, I began to carry out many tasks than I would be compelled to do, to build up my chances of winning an employment opportunity with the firm.
Another advantage of an internship it creates business connections with different people. These people may support the trainee to find a job afterward, as they will be used as references by the trainee they can also refer trainee to other organization.
An additional benefit of an internship is it gives the intern a chance to gain a working experience which can be used to boost chances of finding a job. As a consequence of one being in an internship position with a particular title or understood organization, it does mean one’s entry level position will help one get a good deal (Choukr-Allah et al., 2016). It is for this cause that I made arrangements in before to carry out deep research of the organization which in turn could make me get an influence in the organization. Accomplishments As a part of my duties at Abu Dhabi Municipality, took care of all ADFSC customs and ensured that almost all of matters are dealt with, even though they could not work out satisfactorily as per requirements because some of the problems needed assistance from other sectors of the Municipality and this led to delay in handling this kind of challenges. Furthermore, I made sure network and hardware were readily available to all those who were using ADFSC; I made sure the necessary services were functioning well, I also offered the needful help to incident reports which entailed writing. For example, if the workmen experienced any trouble and worked out it, It was my duty to report in writing form.The best feature of this internship is the personal prosperity that I was able to build up through the organization interactions and networking with great people on different projects. I had a chance to experience the actual work environment, and I’ve discovered that it takes a team to get tasks accomplished; that tolerance and understanding are great techniques to have because everybody gets their schedule with duties to finish. And by operating with various supervisors, I’ve have grown to be more comfortable with speech and have been able to adjust to many varieties of communication styles. I’ve been able to meet various people, work in Information and technology sector who have development their own skills and are now employed this made me realize that it is up to me to establish opportunities.
While attached at Abu Dhabi Municipality I gain more knowledge about the impact Information Technology has on organization especially Software and ICT play an important the part in setting up an efficient customer relation management capacity, particularly in large organizations.
There are several systems accessible, and it is advisable to have a vivid idea of what you want during the software solution adoption process, which for most firms will also involve the adoption of a appropriate ICT service provider, since any software solution a company intends to use, for all but small companies require support for specifying, implementation, training, and maintenance.
I also managed to Cooperate with the Oracle team from the application unit to Work on some database tasks and learn about new tools. This gave me a golden opportunity to learn more about Oracle...
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