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IT/WEB Class Exercise IT & Computer Science Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The assignment was more or less a reflection of the content covered during the semester. In this case, the students were required to respond in writing five questions given by their course instructor.


IT/WEB Class Exercise
IT/WEB Class Exercise
Question 1-Rainbow Tables
Rainbow tables are a group of tables where hashes and their corresponding password values are already pre-computed. Simply put, they are used by hackers to crack passwords. It is becoming a common practice in the computing platform to store passwords as hashed values, which makes it relatively harder for the hackers to crack them. For instance, a username "" could be having its password, "Henzis" hashed as, "7378347eedbfdd1261619645114549225ec". All these values are stored in a rainbow table. Once hackers gain access to a system's password database, they use password crackers to compare the values in the rainbow table's pre-computed list of potential hashes to hashed passwords in the database. The rainbow table then associates plaintext with each of the hashes. If a match is found, the hackers exploit them to gain access to a system as authenticated users.
A typical way of protecting oneself from rainbow table attacks is by using extended password lengths, which are also significantly complex. From this perspective, hackers will have to use larger rainbow tables to crack it.
Question 20-Password Policy for Small/Medium Business

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