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Social Media and Mobile Technology. Technology IT & Computer Science (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This assignment was intended to help the students deepen their understanding of the course text
through reflection and application. They were required to analyze 5 chapters of the
course text, distill the key points, reflect on a relevant segment for each, and provide a
contemporary connection.


COMP2097-91-S-2019IS Social Media & Mobile Technology For End Users
Reflective Journal Entry

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1: Introduction to Social Media Concepts

Chapter Summary: (10 marks)
The chapter offers a general overview of social media and its application. The major areas where social media is of great impact include:
* Journalism
* Public relations
* Advertising and marketing.
The core roles of social media outlined include creating trust, influence, and engagement. Trust is an element of core importance to every person.
* Much of the information that is disbursed over social media needs to pass the trustworthiness mark.

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