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TechFite Company Organizational Need and Technology Solution (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This assignment was a case study of TechFite, a technology company, based in Houston, Texas, u.s., that provides medical devices to space exploration agencies, such as NASA. The instructions provided a pdf copy of the case and required the identification of the organizational need, to be proceeded by a suggestion of a solution and an explanation of the two. The need was identified as its security detail which still fell below the expected standards, in spite of the firm’s efforts to maintain the strict security compliances such as FISMA and NIST. The solution was identified as the adoption of a cloud solution that would automate the company’s log scanning and support FISMA and NIST. The instructions were categorical that the answers should be presented using subheadings as the questions contained in the parts A to F, part A being the identification of the organizational need and a suggestion of a solution, Part B was an explanation of the suggested solution, part C was to enumerate the steps in the adoption of the solution suggested in part B, part D was an assessment of the positive and negative impact of the emerging technology, part E was the comparison of the various emerging technology solutions suggested, whereas part F was the recommendation of the need assessment method, in which case it was suggested that the firm bases this on the number of attacks detected per month, and guaranteed that the technology should be able to see at least 90% of all attacks within the first month, given that the firm’s primary concern was security, and therefore, the technology should prioritize the detection of attacks to be able to show that it is foolproof. The instructions allowed the use of the first person in the writing, double-spacing, and a minimum of four references to be used.


Techfite Case Study
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Techfite Case Study
Part A: Summary of the Organizational Need
TechFite is a technology company that provides medical devices to space exploration agencies, such as NASA. Based in Houston, Texas, the company continues to grow and reach out to other space exploration companies outside the United States. It aims to become a major supplier of medical equipment to prominent explorers such as the European Space Agency, the Canadian Space Agency, and JAXA, the Japanese space agency. Despite its efforts to maintain the strict security compliances such as FISMA and NIST, its security detail still falls below the expected standards. Adopting a cloud solution that will automate its log scanning and support FISMA and NIST will be a significant step in solving the security puzzle.

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