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Current Affairs Report IT & Computer Science Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Current affairs report
Please write an analysis report about the recent attack on the US Office of Personnel Management. In the report, please answer the following questions:
1- What type of attack was launched on OPM?
2- What was compromised or breached?
2- How was the attack accomplished if known?
4- Your own analysis and feedback about the attack?
5- Who are the victims? What are the implications for them?


Attack on the US Office of Personnel
Attack on the US Office of Personnel
Technologies have continued to change over time to meet the emerging demands of users. In the same situation, technologies meant to support accomplishment of malicious tasks have also continued to emerge to keep abreast with such changes. The latter situation puts systems at risks of facing attacks. This has led to serious attacks on information system. This was the case when the personal information of employees held by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) became the subject of attack by cybercriminals. In view of this, this paper explores issues underlying the attack, including the type of the attack, victims, implications, and possible causes.
The attack was a cybercrime. It involved hacking of government computers under the care and custody of the OPM Agency. It took place in various occasions. The attack compromised the integrity of personal data belonging to various citizens. The information was sensitive and included health, addresses, financial history, and other private information (Davis 2015). Each person has a right to privacy of personal information. The attack was a violation of the privacy Act of 1974 that has provisions safeguarding against invasion of personal privacy through misuse or abuse of records held by federal agencies (DOS, 2016). 

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