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Cyber Infrastructure It & Computer Science Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Using visio draw a CYBER INFRASTRUCTURE and paste the diagram on word


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Organizations are always prone to common network vulnerabilities such as insecure ports, weak password encryption, poor firewall exploitation, and short of appropriate security policy. Due to this organizations and companies have developed cyber-security policy to manage the risk of security exposure, and to optimize the reliability and integrity of information assets.
Key functions of a cyber-security policy catalog
A cyber-security policy complies of guidelines and rules that ensures that a user have authorized access to company’s information assets. To the law firm, one of the major functions of cyber-security policy catalog is to increase the level of consistency which in turn saves money, time, and resources. Second, cyber-security policy assists in detecting, removing and repairing the side effects as a result of security risks and viruses. Third, cyber-security policy catalog provides protection to organization resources by assists in detec

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