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Database Management IT & Computer Science Research (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Database Management
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Structured query language is used for communication in database as highlighted by Beaulieu (2009). It is the typical language for interactive database management structures. The system is made up of three constituents which include; data control language (DCL), data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDL). Data control language is utilised to create rights to allow the users interact and to manipulate database in the computer system. Data within a bench is operated on using the data manipulation language in the computer system. The DML comprises of four commands, select; allows for selection of information from a table, insert; provides for addition of rows of information in a table, update; allows changing rows of data in a table and delete; provides removal of information from rows in a table. DDL is used to produce tables in the database system. It comprises of create tables; used to make tables in the database, drop tables; used to eliminate tables in the database and alter table; used to remove or add columns from a table in the databank.
Structured query language (SQL) is a set- based dialectal. It offers performance of all activities in a row in a single step. The system arranges for a classical programme which enhances for storage of the lists and arrays. SQL has own indices and tables which optimize the code. Consequently, the structured query language set-based is used. The language provides samples which are row-based and changes the encryption stage by stage into a set-based form.

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