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Cyber Crimes in Society (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The student was required two questions concerning data privacy issues. THE PAPER REQUIREMENT WAS TO BE IN APA FORMAT, WITH ONE SOURCE (WHICH WAS PROVIDED BY THE PROFESSOR). the word count was 300 words. tHE FIRST QUESTION WAS ON THE CURRENT ISSUES CONCERNING DATA PRIVacy while the second one was whether these issues were likely to CONTINUE into the future.


Cyber Crimes
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Cyber Crimes
Question 1
Doing business online exposes customers and businesses to security and privacy issues, which raise various legal issues. For example, whereas the US government has formulated various laws to minimize these risks, enforcing such laws remains problematic. For example, the US government has established that foreigners from North Korea and Russia have committed most of the US’s cyber-attacks. However, the US government can’t find the individuals who commit such crimes because it does not have the ability to find the criminals’ actual names and whereabouts (Rogers, 2012). Further, whereas one can successfully prosecute the criminals in the US if they could find their real identity, it is very difficult for the US government to enforce court decisions in foreign countries, rendering the whole process useless. There is also no regulation that prohibits websites from collecting people’s personal information, encouraging many websites to install tracking software, such as cookies, which collect visitor’s information, which is then sold for marketing purposes (Rogers, 2012). Another major privacy issue is companies that send random people unwanted marketing emails called SPAMS, which the law has no way of regulating. These privacy and security issues may delay people’s acceptance of online business.
Question 2
In the future, privacy issues will be the main concerns for people and businesses engaging in online business. With the emergence and popularity of social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, which have billions of subscribers, online companies collect huge amounts of data, which democracies are expe

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