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David Earl Miller Case History Law Research Coursework (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Write a case history on David earl miller's death penalty


David Earl MillerNameInstitution
David Earl Miller
Case History
David Earl Miler, the defendant was convicted by the state of Tennessee, the plaintiff of first-degree murder for the murder of Lee Standifer, a developmentally disabled 23-year-old lady in Knoxville, Tennessee. Before the killing on 20 May 1981, David and Standifer were dating. Miller murdered Standifer at Benjamin Calvin’s home and later dragged her to a nearby thicket in the compound. According to the pathologist, Dr. Evans, the victim had multiple stab wounds on various body parts with some injuries indicating the use of a harmer to drive a sharp object into the victim’s body. Additionally, the pathologist found fresh spermatozoa in the victim’s vagina. On 29 May 1981, the Defendant was apprehended in Columbus but waived extradition resulting to his return to Knoxville. The tape from Columbus interview, however, was not introduced as evidence since it was considered low quality. According to the tape recording, the defendant struck the victim before dragging her outside (State v. Miller, 1984).

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