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Doctrine of Separation of Powers Writing Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Doctrine of Separation of Powers

The term “separation of powers” was first used by Montesquieu a French social and political philosopher in his publication “Spirit of the Laws” in the 18th Century. His work inspired the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of the Rights of Man. According to Montesquieu, state authority was to be divided into judicial, legislative and executive powers. He affirmed that for promotion of liberty, it was mandatory for the three arms of government to be separate and to work independently. Essentially, separation of powers refers to the division of the three arms of government based on their responsibilities into different branches to limit any one branch from interfering with the core functions of another. Basically, the intention is to provide checks and balances and to inhibit the concentration of power. The American government is traditionally divided into three branches with specified roles. First, the executive branch has the responsibility of implementation and administration of public policy. Second, the legislative branch has the responsibility of enacting laws and funding government operations. Lastly, the judicial branch has the responsibility of interpreting laws and the constitution. A majority of states’ constitutions in the United States support the division of government into three branches.

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