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Rights of Criminal Defendants (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The assignment was on the Rights of Criminal Defendants and the role of the supreme court in addressing cases arising. It questioned the decisions made by the Supreme Court in the 1960s regarding the empowerment of the criminal justice system. Finally, the assignment provided several files and links but needed only two sources in APA format.


Rights of Criminal Defendants
There would be no need for Procedural Protections if there was no Government acting in bad faith against citizens. If the Due Process of Law exists to avoid the government from abusing the governed, this means the government's nature is implicitly coercive. (Roach 6). The state must give you competent and independent counsel, preferably of your choice. If you choose an expensive attorney to represent you, you are free to hire one--but you must pay out of your own pocket. If you cannot, the state will give you a public defender for free, regardless of your preferences. The state is not obliged to pay for private counsel. In essence, this paper will address how the Supreme Court adheres to the spirit and correct interpretation of the constitution.

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