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Kidney Exchange to Fully Sponsored Life Insurance and Compensation (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


A policy brief to incentivize residents of New York State to donate kidneys in return for fully sponsored life insurance and a compensation package.


Policy Brief: NY State Senate Bill S1838 – 2021-2022
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Date of Submission
Policy Brief
Policy Brief: NY State Senate Bill S1838 – 2021-2022
CONTACT: University of Rochester
Asking that you: Revise NY State Senate Bill S1838 – 2021-2022 tTo “iIncentivize residents of New York State to donate kidneys in return for fully sponsored life insurance and a compensation package.”
Issue (Problem):
The primary issue rests on the insufficiency of kidney donations vis-à-vis the increase ind kidney diseases and consequent kidney failures in the Sstate. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC (2021), about 15% of Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease. About 600,000 patients are in the disease’s end -stage that signals kidney failure (Clark, 2017). Despite undertaking dialysis, these patients require an imminent immediate kidney transplant to improve their life quality. Insufficient kidney donations create a deficit that results in many deaths for among the patients in need of kidney transplants. An Eevaluation from 2020 indicatesd that donors barely accounted for 7% of the kidneys demanded in New York State (American Society of Nephrology, 2021). Patients in need of kidney transplants have a risk high risk chances of mortality if they fail to get secure a kidney donor. Patients suffering chronic kidney problems exhaust their financial, physical, and psychological capabilities waiting for donors. The problems that patients with kidney problems encounter extend to their family members and their communities. New York State saw found it prudent to identify a mutually sustainable solution that encouraged more people to donate their kidneys for to those in need.

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