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Psychological Character Assessment: Development Of Pathology (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


to discuss whether psychological character assessment should be based on either development of pathology or on the manifestation of symptoms

Psychological character assessment
Discussion 1
In the world today, it is critical that any decision made by a person or an authority is properly informed. For instance, if people applied for an interview and their character were to be examined for an appropriate candidate choice, a professional psychologist would be brought in to conduct a psychological character assessment. The same can be done in a criminal case to determine the motive behind a crime. Rust, & Golombok, (2014) note that a psychological character assessment is the door that opens into the understanding of a person’s character, behavior or the motive behind one’s commitment of a crime. At this point, it critical to pause and reflect on whether the assessment should be based on either development of pathology or on the manifestation of symptoms. For starters, character formation is a process. It begins from a point and it is influence by a myriad of complex factors which makes character itself complicated. It is therefore important that the process of development be examined in order that a better assessment is achieved.
Discussion 2
Genes contain the DNA that is the building blocks of humans. The DNA and hence the genetic makeup of a person is a critical indicator of a person’s character and behavior. Therefore, in a criminal case, it is important that this genetic makeup be examined with a keen eye on whether it might have adversely influenced a person into committing a crime, Wertz, Caspi, Belsky, Beckley, Arseneault, Barnes, & Odgers, (2018). There i...
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