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Residential Landscape Design And Clear Analysis Of Design (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I was required to search for a residential landscape design and provides a clear analysis of the design. The sample focuses on important landscape design elements such as texture, symmetry, and color e.t.c.

Residential Landscape Design

The design in this residential landscape expresses a sense of elegance and simplicity all at once. It makes use of accent plants to give the emphasis and define the shape of the circular driveway. The design has a butterfly garden theme with a planting design that is natural and loose (Green Meadows Landscaping, Inc., 2016). It also has a sod lawn to complement the naturalistic feeling highlighted in the landscape design. The focal point of the residential landscape design is the circular driveway.
The circular driveway gives the whole residential landscape project a sense of order. The collection of colorful flowers highlights the focal point of the residential landscape project. They draw great attention when compared to the rest of the landscape design with open lawn area, a walkway, and strategically positioned evergreens and ornamental trees (Rittenhouse, 2016). The focal point in this residential landscape design is defined without any distractions straight from the front walkway. In this residential landscape design, the landscape elements employed as accents comprise specimen plants. As Covello, Yoshimura, and Arntzen (2011) note, ground cover and accent plants assist in giving the focal point a sense of emphasis. The specific landscape elements repeated to bring about a sense of unity to this particular design are the accent plants. The red and yellow flowers on the circular driveway give the landscape design a sense of unity.
As noted, the design is balanced symmetrically. At the front entrance, there are two symmetrical and strategically placed trees. Flowering plants surround the trees in a symmetrically balanced manner. The colored plants only give a hint to the presence of a focal point ahead without bringing any distraction (Rittenhouse, 2016). With this in mind, the residential landscape design employs color to bring about a sense of rhythm in this landscape project. The color starts to create rhythm right from the front walkway to the circular driveway, which doubles up as the focal point of this landscape. Texture also c...
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