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Eight Questions About Chinese Arts And Culture (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I was required to answer 8 questions using the provided course materials .


Chinese Arts and Culture
Chinese Arts and Culture
Question 1
The image of Taiji is a representation of the great ultimate. It is a principle that facilitates the interaction between yin and yang. It highlights the relationship that the yin and yang have and their ability to bring about movement and tranquility.
Question 2
The children who attend schools that teach Confucian culture learn a poem titled the “Scarlet Cliff” on the first day of school. The poem is one of the poetic works of Su Hsi and talks about a boat excursion. It gives a commentary about the fact the life is only for a short time. Su Hsi is a renowned poet whose works have found great approval among the Chinese literary public. The poem that talks about a visit that Su Hsi made to Chi Pi translated as Red Wall. It provides descriptions of the excursion and the feelings this visit evoked.
Question 3
The great sage kings have always served as role models for the contemporary Chinese people because of their leadership skills and virtues. Shun and Yao are examples of the sage kings who have a significant influence on the Chinese people. Particularly, these kings exercised righteousness and benevolence throughout their rule. It explains the wide admiration and acceptance of their rule among the Chinese people. The exercise of benevolence earned the sage kings respect and recognition and made them role models for the Chinese people even today. The greatness of Yao and Shun continues to impress the Chinese people in the present day and make them role models for many. The sage kings had a moral character and good virtues, which have articulated them as role models.
Question 4
Although Daoism or Taoism led to the development of various schools, Quanzhen Complete Perfection School emerged as the most renowned Taoism school. Wang Zhe established the Taoism school following assertions that two superhuman beings gave him revelations. With this, Zhe assembled disciples and proceeded with the establishment of five congregations located in the northern part of Shandong. The disciples continued to circulate Zhe teachings throughout northern China after he passed away. The beliefs and rituals of the Quanzhen Schoo

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