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Critical Analysis: Aha! And Eureka Moments (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


aha! and eureka Moments

Critical analysis
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The article seeks to inform the reader that incubating creative actions and filtering them leads to Aha! Moments. The Eureka moment of finding a solution is being disregarded as research has shown that, hurrying to get answers by overthinking a problem has often failed. Individuals often have these insights; they should only ensure that they allow their possible solutions to gestate and should not be in a hurry to get the answers. Feedback based on ideas is mostly correct as compared to analytical thinking. According to some scholars, the quick appearance of insight is a manifestation of intuition CITATION Chr16 \l 2057 (Bergland, 2016). Thinking analytically requires a lot of time, and it has been proved that sitting all day studying wastes away the cerebrum and this results in a bad performance. Therefore, this can be construed to mean that individuals who think analytically tend not to think outside the box.
The article talks about the evidence presented by those who defend humanities. Specifically, it says that it enhances a flexible intellectual capacity, equips individuals with skills to be assimilated in the complex job environment. That it also promotes creativity which the contemporary economy seeks. The truth of the matter is that people in this century exist in a world where they both like efficiency and extol it. Culture and educational pursuits are all engrossed to achieving economic goals as it is the core pillar of their lives. Americans are very productive capitalists who have devoted many their lives to creating value and wealth. In spite of all this overworking and having a lot of money, the Americans are never satisfied, they are diagnosed...
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