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Social Work: Bringing It All Together - Analysis (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The main purpose of this discussion was to evaluate the community building practice approach which was experienced in the capstone learning activities.


Bringing It All Together - Analysis
Student's Name
Part I: Description and reflection on how I approached the community issue in the capstone activity
Social workers have a significant role in the community building. They participate in doing things that unite people, help the community to identify the needs and problems that collectively affect them, promote knowledge, confidence, the capacity to work together and build confidence (Atkinson, 2002). Moreover, social work activities create and strengthen the relationship between communities. It is important to mention that when people work together, it assists to deal directly with problems that affect the community. The main purpose of this discussion is to evaluate the community building practice approach which I experienced in the capstone learning activities. Similarly, description and reflection will be made on how I handled community issue in the capstone activity. Moreover, the community work skills, strategies, methods and theories used to approach community issue will be outlined and lastly reflection on my practice approach to the community issue will be discussed.
With the help of planning tool, I approached the community issue in the capstone activity using different methods. Firstly, I used the participatory approach to address the scenario. Through this method, I encouraged people to volunteer as a way of extending their assistance to the affected community. As a social worker, I mobilized neighboring community to participate in the provision of services to the affected community through giving out social and basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and other necessities to the community affected by the flooding. Secondly, I tried to link people with the systems that could provide services, opportunities and necessary resources to help in rebuilding the community after the flooding disaster. This system comprised of Non-governmental organizations that provided free services such as cleaning up and reconstruction of shelters to the affected community; I identified community needs by working with the local people to create a recovery plan for their community. I identified the most venerable group and outlined strategies to address their needs. I assisted the community in determining the effects of floods to their lives and the environment.
I also used an inclusive approach in the process of disaster recovery. For example, I identified community leader who helped us to navigate in the community efficiently to assist in recovery, restoration, and community development. Additionally, I ensured the safety of the community through participating in clean-up activities which included removing of debris, green waste and other building waste from the disaster area. As a social worker, I took part in helping the community emotionally and physically so as to ensure that the community remains strong.
I focused on development issues such as organizing reconstruction of emergency shelter at Community Building Centre and support the community to return to their normal lives. Along with the psychological assistant, I aimed to help the affected community to regain to their home after the disaster. Rather than taking the whole process, the community was involved in accomplishing the recovery and building their community after the flooding. The idea behind this was that community members should take part to restore their lives so as to assist them to heal psychologically and familiarize with the flooding disasters (St Wise Pty Ltd., 2011). This participatory approach helped the community to have the sense of ownership and improve community integration and relationships. Another approach used to address capstone scenario was capacity building. I used this method to educate the community affected by flood disaster about what was required to do in order to avoid another risk from occurring. I worked with other teams and suggested possible interventions using my networking skills acquired from different learnings.
Part II: Outline of community work skills, theories, strategies and methods you used in the Capstone scenario
In order to address the flood issues in capstone scenario, I used different strategies, theories, method and community work skills to assist in development, reconstruction and strengthening of the affected community. I used the existing social capital to address the issues whereby I involved non-profit organization to help community development after this disaster. For example, I coordinated with a local Suunycorp Insurance representative to supply catering to the community. Another strategy which I used while responding to Capstone scenario was social communication. This strategy was important because it acted as a mobilizing tool to enhance understanding and build community relations. Since in some instances there were communication problems, I coordinated with Multicultural Development and Assistance Agency social workers team to provide interpretation services. Translation service was essential in such a way tha

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