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Spark Discussion on Cross Cultural Psychology (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The paper was a spark discussion that required the writer to respond to three questions, using their personal opinion. The questions focused on three hypothetical situations that included how parents can handle people with varying viewpoints, conformity and personal view on those who do everything to conform, and why america, as an immigrant nation, struggles with immigration issues.


Spark Discussion-Cross Cultural Psychology
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Spark Discussion-Cross Cultural Psychology
Spark 1
Share some memories of encounters with people who had very different expectations of their children compared to your own. (It doesn't matter if you have children or not; just think about what you would have expected in their place.) We tend to think of these situations in terms of good parents and bad parents, but speculate about the possible role of culture. Are there ways to avoid problems when parents with different cultural standards mix?
I have witnessed situations where parents expect their children to bear similarities to them, especially behavior-wise. Some parentages even proceed to make decisions for the offspring, thinking they know what best suits the latter. I feel this is a wrong approach, compared to mine, where I would maintain an impartial approach if my children grew up being entirely different individuals from me. It means I would be supportive of their aspirations and the subsequent line of thoughts, even if it differed from mine. Problems are bound to arise when individuals of different cultural standards interact. Such issues are avoidable through adopting an open-minded approach, where one is ready to face any arising differences. Besides, accepting and respecting the perspectives of others can go a long way to ensuring peaceful coexistence in the defined situation.
Spark 2
Do you consider yourself a conformist? Why or why not? What is your opinion of people who will do whatever it takes to fit in?
I do not consider myself a conformist; instead, I am adaptable. At times I adapt depending on the situation, especially if the circumstance fits my predisposition. However, I would not agree to anything that conflicts with my system of beliefs, whether it is beneficial or otherwise. I understand that I do not need to conform to the ideas of others since we are unique individuals meaning that having a varying perspectives is permitted. Therefore, I view conformists as people-pleasers and cowards who prefer to join the wrong group rather than face conflict directly. The

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