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Culture & Ethnic Studies: Revelation Traditions, History & Ideologies (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


To write about an experience that was mentioned in class by the lecturer on an event attended or to review a video sent to all students.


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Cultural studies frequently rely on the arts to reveal traditions, history, ideologies, and other identifying aspects of a group, thus going beyond the notion of the arts as mainly entertainment (Mathis, 2015). Therefore, the main aim of the tour was to experience the art world outside school work to be more visual and learn more about art.
The event
Agora gallery sponsored the Chelsea International Fine Art Competition event. The agenda was for upcoming artists to compete against each other and sell their art pieces. It started on 6th of February and will end on 12th March 2018. It is the 33rd time the event is being held. It was and still being held at Agora gallery at 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY 10001.
The day of attendance was on 17th February 2018. The guests on honors on that day were upcoming artists; Tshabalala Self and Torey Thornton. The place was full of young artists that want to grow and become as famous as Learnodo Newtonic. They all stood next to their paintings ready to explain to those interested in the arts.
The first art painting had features of a balcony, four seats and four women that held on the chairs upside-down, on top of their legs, there were plantations of diverse types, one had coconut plantations, the other had reeds, next were oaks, then cedar grooves finally there was the Arcadia. In each manor there was a person, the first had a man in beach wear, standing to stare in one direction like someone with a lot to think about. The second one was a man in a suit with no shoes on, he was leaning on one of the trees and seemed hopeless or instead of communicating with the man on the third tree. The third man had worn casual clothes, a shirt and a trouser facing the direction of the second man. The fourth man had a lab court on, on his hands, two men had faced upside-down.
The piece was interesting since the four women represent the spouse to the man on the plantation. The man on the plantations was one person. Thus, the man portrayed, a person who has different individualities depending on where, and the company of people around the

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