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Diversity, Inclusion, and Ethics (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task was about outlining lessions Learned from Diversity Workshop, analyzing the results of a Cultural Awareness Self-Assessment Questionnaire, outling Cultural Competence Areas to Explore based on the questionnaire results, and and discussion Benefits of Cultural Competence and Diversity Skill on lives of Professionals.


Diversity, Inclusion, and Ethics
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Lessons Learned from Diversity Workshop
Attending a Diversity Workshop was an excellent opportunity to gain insight into the importance of diversity, inclusion, and ethics. Diversity, inclusion, and ethics all play an essential role in career success, as they affect how an individual is viewed by their peers and employers (Abt et al. 2021). Diversity creates an environment where different perspectives are valued and encouraged, allowing for more creativity, innovation, and collaboration leading to more excellent decision-making, especially in workplaces. This collaboration promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance among employees, which leads to better job satisfaction and higher productivity. Additionally, diverse workplaces help reduce the potential for discrimination, which harms recruitment and retention rates.
Inclusion is essential for creating an equitable workplace where everyone feels respected and valued for their contributions. By fostering an inclusive environment, employees feel more comfortable expressing themselves and taking an active role in decision-making (Abt et al. 2021). In addition, it helps promote a stronger sense of community, leading to better communication and collaboration 

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