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Examining Aristoles's Ethics book (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The essay examines Aristotle views on political science. for a long time political science has been deemed as degrading as it has presented as such by society. However Aristotle argues that one cannot hold an informed opinion about a particular product if they are not well educated about it. also, he notes that some products are banned from the market for harm but people do not deem all products from the manufacturers bad. he requests for the same courtesy to be extended to political science.


Examining Aristotle Ethics Book
Examining Aristotle Ethics Book
The extract examines Aristotle's claims on political science; he disputes the claim that political science only brings harm and asks for the subject to be considered any other product. All products have their flaws; however, that is not to mean that the product is regarded as bad (Kupperman, 2012). In his claim, Aristotle highlights that some products are banned from harming the environment and others for harm to people. However, it has not deterred people from liking goods produced after as they hold the claim of the products being good but not perfect. He, therefore, asks for the same courtesy to be extended to political science as its claims are usually good. He also acknowledges that they are not universally perfect, but that should not warrant fallacies against political science.
Knowledge is the best way to understand a particular product, service, or good. To hold any form of informed opinion about political science, one needs to be fully educated in political science (Kupperman, 2012). Aristotle claims that a good judge is fully educated in a given area, while an unqualifiedly good judge is educated in all areas (Kupperman, 2012). For this reason, Aristotle claims that the youth are not suitable students for political science (Kupperman, 2012). He quotes that because the youths are accustomed to f

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