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Technology of De-extinction to Protect and Preserve Species (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Write a press release on the technology of De-extinction. That is what the press release explains.


Press Release: Technology of De-extinction
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Press Release: Technology of De-extinction
Press Release Date: 25th May 2021Contacts:
Technology of De-extinction to Protect and Preserve Species
De-extinction is an essential aspect that will help in protecting and preservation of the species at the risk or dying or resurrection the dead animals. Genetic engineering, cloning and animal husbandry department will host an annual meeting that aims at creating awareness and on the former option whereby the functionally species will be alive. The campaign focus on ensuring the population will be viable and would within no time meet their dead-end.
There will be several events held in Sydney to resurrect the extinct species in the area which would specifically start with the dinosaurs. De-extinction technology would have more benefits when effectively applied since most of the cases result from human activities such as hunting of the dodo bird. Other primary causes of de-extinction are environmental destruction which will come to an end by using technology to solve the damages we have caused and prevent human-instilled extinction.
Meanwhile, there is no proven facts about practicality of de-extinction, but we are trying to focus on application of hypothetical and ethical results from the conducted research and surveys. As (Cohen and Jorgeson) writes they have acquired support from additional sources and reasoning on how we can conduct the process. The authors have acquired information from peer reviewed journals and other credible sources to support their views and for clarification.
While we were studying more about de-extinction and searching for supportive information, we found out that it is inappropriate for people to focus on the negative factors, costs of the process and ecological risks involved. In our search for positive sources, we found that most of the research warns the possible destruction that would result from de-extinction.
In our search application of the technology would result to negative impacts which are vital concerns, but in some cases would influence scientists to think that the technology is dangerous and would only cause a collapse to the ecology. We can all imagine the impact these evident will have on the layman who actually want to try the process in preserving their favorite animal species. However, ethics applies in identifying whether the scientific experts have a core obligation in balancing their opinions and this information we are availing to members of the public. Instead, we should focus on the potential effects of applying de-extinction technology while acknowledging the hypothesis of the risks it poses to the environment and human lives.
In our recent findings the co-founder Max Hodak in the company known as Neuralink (n.a 2021) proclaimed that humanity has the potential to create an exotic dinosaur applying the means they already know. Also, he argues that if we create a dinosaur using the de-extinction technology would not be the actual species as their cells do not exist, but would be a modified animal that replicates it using laboratory knowledge.
Hodak’s argument brings the reader to realization of the previous part of our article on how we could bring back dead species by applying genetic modification skills. However, the technology have a high potential in causing some upset in the ecosystem because the animal we create will be invasive and unnatural in the method of its introduction to the environment.
Nevertheless, in another criticism that we focused is the preservation of the exact species rather than creating man-made animals. I think creating a new animal that is completely different from its initial DNA will help us in solving the challenges resulting from genetic diversity in the recovery of species.
In our observation, de-extinction can refer to the resurrection of extinct animals and plants which will be taking place in the institution and other faculties. In an article by Rodgers (2019) he wrote that even though the idea of replacing the dead animals and plants would be a good idea, it has the ability to bring back the extinct varieties. Therefore, we noted that the development process would require selection of particular breeds, genes and use of reproductive cloning technology which are essential aspects in having the project in reality.
Through our organization known as “Mad Scientists” we are going to identify the application of anti-extinction technology and the expected challenges it can cause in future. In the process of realizing its application, we are contacting various stakeholders as mentioned above to assist in providing more clarification.
Additionally, the above stakeholders are representatives from biotechnology companies, scientists and credible researchers. In the past few years the participants have proved to be authentic and popular in applying the technology, besides we require to budget on their resources as an investment. Other crucial stakeholders in the process include government agencies and media personality.
The organization feels that when the media platforms posts information concerning de-extinction technology the audience would be scared as they will not believe such an exercise can take place. Some of the places where the advancement and technology will be pronounced include in movie and theatres. Therefore, we urge the government fraternity to avoid instilling negative news to the citizens, but they should assist in the technology by incorporating the environmental and public relations departments in our country.
Community views: In a survey involving questionnaire we found out that approximately 60 percent of the population was supporting the resurrection process of extinct species, while 40 percent opposed the procedure. In further clarification from the supporters, we found that they want to see the extinct creatures like it happens in Jurassic Park through de-extinction technology. After asking for more details from the opponents we found that they were claiming reviving of the extinct animals would alter the ecological system and destroy the environment. Similarly, some individuals argued that the current environment is not suitable for such animals since the animals will have the same meaning after resurrection.

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