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Networking Technology Other (Not Listed) Research Paper (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


this was a student's test paper. This paper was based on numbered questions that I was supposed to answer in order.


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Section A
Question One
The total processing speed of microprocessors (based on the clock rate and the number of the circuit) is doubling roughly every year. Today, a symmetric session key needs to be 100 bits long to be considered strong: How long will a symmetric session key have to be in 30 years to be considered strong? -5Marks
To ensure the security of crucial data, encryption is essential. Algorithms employed in data encryptions are different and of unique edifices that need the user to have keys necessary to decrypt the data. The symmetric session key allows the encryptor to set a key that matches the key used for decryption. However, this form of encryption algorithm can be exploited through the brute-forcing of the key over a password or dictionary list or the generation of random character values that are tested against the data provided. For small keys, the process can be reasonably fast, but when the key is long, the process can take very long. Modern-day computer processors can handle the brute-forcing process pretty soon as opposed to the traditional processors. It is possible to find processors on GPU cards that are specifically designed to have a high computing power that can be able to handle the brute-forcing process. Also, with quantum computers, the process is further enhanced, and it can be able to brute force the key used in a matter of hours even when the key is long. A high processing power renders this form of encryption to be unusable as it can only take a matter of hours or days to have the key generated. If the processing speed in quantum computers is used, then the process will be less challenging as the decryption can be performed in a matter of minutes, even with long keys more than 100 bits long.

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