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How Internet Helped The Victims Find Shelter During Superstorm (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the task was to listen to an audio that was recorded by a reporter during superstorm Sandy and then writing how the internet helped the victims find a shelter during the disaster.


Left homeless, storm victims turn to the internet to find shelter 
The New York City was adversely affected by the super storm Sandy in 2012. The technology was sensibly used in the situation where the victims were left homeless. Airbnb was one of the websites that rented houses to those who needed a place to stay during vacations CITATION Lef18 \l 1033 (National Public Radio, 2012). This website proved to be a helping hand when Super storm Sandy broke in. Hundreds of people were helpless and homeless. Mr Bhagwandin was one of those who used to rent their house for tourists CITATION Lef18 \l 1033 (National Public Radio, 2012). But during the situation of disaster, they offered their guest house for free to homeless and needy. However, this task was not easy. Airbnb runs on feedbacks from guests i.e. clients and hosts. They review each other based on status, character, conditions of room etc CITATION Lef18 \l 1033 (National Public Radio, 2012). But during the situation of crisis, hundreds of people searched the website who hadn't even visited it before. So, their profile didn't exist. This made it difficult and risky. The technology could be misused as it was the only source for the victims to get shelter; many of those were unaware of the criteria for the renting. However, there are several benefits of electronic information and media during such sit

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