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The Advent of Globalisation (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task involved vaarious steps towards writing the final paper. Initially, the student insert a virtual company in 'cesim global' simulation system to evaluate the success of a business in different locations and countries across the world. It was evident that multinationals found it easier to establish businesses in developed countries as they shared various common aspects and consumption behavior. It was hard to invest in developing countries for multinationals as opposed to smaller brands.


The Advent of Globalisation 

Every firm and business aims at expanding its reaches across different countries and regions. The advent of globalisation seems to have made it easier for firms to setup worldwide and leap benefits. Social media and the internet are the new drivers of globalisation, which are spearheading marketing and setting up of multinationals across the globe. However, it is not as easy as it seems to ride on the globalization ship to success. Firms face multi-nation differences across every country and region they seek to invest in. Therefore, firms have to figure out ingenious ways that can beat the multinational-differences and aid in achievement of maximum shareholder value. Firms ought to conduct ample market research to fully understand a new market before venturing into it. Firms need to understand the dynamics and differences between developing and developed markets. Firms also need to establish vibrant PR programs, utilising the media, internet and the modern sensation that is social media. Finally, firms need to assess and evaluate the political, social, legal and cultural setup of each society or country before venturing into it.
Cesim global simulation aided with the simulation of a launch of technological products across the USA, Asia and Europe. The main aim was to increase shareholder value of the company throughout the different cultural, political and geographical markets. One of the major challenges that the company faces in the launch of new shareholder activism is the issue of multi-nations differences. Venturing into new markets is quit challenging, as the geographic diversification offers more challenges than opportunities. Different countries and societies have different cultures. It is hard to determine how one culture will perceive a brand or product that enters into the market. Different societies also have different policies, taxation systems, competitors and attitude towards foreign companies, competition and investment.
The world is ever shrinking despite the size of the planet being constant. Technology has revolutionised the world into a global village. It is a sweet occurrence that entices companies to launch their products and shareholder activism throughout the world despite carrying out prior research and planning CITATION Koh21 \l 7177 (Kohl, 2021). Globalisation has also aided small start-ups and businesses even in smaller economies to venture into the international markets and challenge older and dominant companies. It has seemed easier for start-ups in other regions to easily access and compete in established markets that the vice versa. In this instance, geographic diversification makes it even harder to maximise shareholder value. Multi-nation differences especially in the Asian market are quite large and pose more challenges that what would be expected in the European market. The Asian market widely varies geographically, politically, socially and even culturally. Dictators, religious enthusiasts, monarchs, democracies and other forms of governments dot the Asian continent. They all impose different policies, rules and regulations that interfere and inhibit or promote the ease of conducting business.

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