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Mulch and Plant Establishment Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


THE SAMPLE IS ABOUT a literature review over the topic- ‘ Mulch and Plant Establishment’.


Litrature review
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Mulching is the process of giving soil surface a cover around plants to create an amiable condition for the plants establishment and growth (El-Mageed, Semida and El-Wahed 2016 p. 3). A literature review was performed to salvage articles with relevant information on the mulching. This paper will thus identify and examine various articles as from established and recognized authors on the effects of mulching on crops. Effects of mulching on crops will entails in-depth study on mulch selection, types of mulching and the effects of mulching on the plants establishment which will be re-categorized as merits and demerits of the various mulching materials used at various stages of plant development which include establishment, development and growth stages.
Selection of a mulch
According to Saraiva and other authors mulching material selection is very essential to ensure that the mulching process serves its intended function (Saraiva et al. 2017 p. 442). Mulch material selected should parodist the structure and function provided by the natural litter layer. For instance, a mulch which the farmer intends to increase the soil nutrition apart from the normal function of regulating the soil moisture and temperature, natural fiber mulch or a straw would be suitable. In alpine fellfield or deserts with little or no leaf litter, rocks are always used to serve as a mulch (Saraiva et al. 2017 p. 442). Mulch type to be used and rate of application will be dictated by the prevailing condition of the field. The conditions may include the; slope, soil temperature, moisture content, the potential for weed infections, wind and the potential of any damage from animals.

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