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HRM Perspectives and Policies of Sainsbury’s Business Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


To write a PESTAL and SWOT analysis on sainsburys, staff numbers, policies. external and internal analysis. s - social cultural, flexible working hours, child care impact, technology and environmental factors affecting Human resources in the company not the business side. include case studies and compare companies to sainsburys, use a lot of Harvard references.
HRM approach, best fit, best practice and bundles. include Ulrich theory- best fit- approach does sainburys use this? or different company like Asada and tescos? Hr policy to adapt to company, Best practice- compare apply to tescos, asda, Morrison and apply critical approach.


HRM Perspectives and Policies of Sainsbury’s
Executive Summary
This report on Sainsbury’s represents a look at the chain’s HRM policies in today’s context that represents a complex series of areas that include not only the time honored aspects of employee motivation, training, career development, instilling loyalty and competitive compensation packages, it represents more. Today’s HRM arena has a high degree of complex considerations that include the desire of individuals to have a meaningful work-life balance as well as their right to express their individualities as represented by cultural, reglious diversity, sexual orientation and other areas.
The understandings required to craft HRM policies that recognise and deal with contemporary issues represents a challenge in maintaining a pulse beat on social as well as legal developments. This depth of understanding and connection was uncovered in this assessment of Sainsbury’s that delves into its HRM policies. It was found that despite the chain being number two in terms of market position it occupies the top spot regarding HRM assessment that is confirmed not only by this report, but also by its CNBC ranking and glassdoor former employee postings. In terms of the four UK supermarket chains reviewed, Sainsbury’s has the most comprehensive and socially tuned HRM set of programmes.
Table of Contents
Environmental factors12
Problem Analysis13
Table 1 - UK Supermarket Chain Market Share4
Table 2 - SWOT Analysis of Sainsbury’s6
Table 3 - Best Practice and Best Fit15

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