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Strategic Information Systems Report Marketing Assignment (Other (Not Listed) Sample)




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Table of contents
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Strategic information systems report PAGEREF _Toc461314894 \h 4
Introduction PAGEREF _Toc461314895 \h 4
Applicable business process models PAGEREF _Toc461314896 \h 5
Clicks and bricks model PAGEREF _Toc461314897 \h 5
Customer loyalty business model PAGEREF _Toc461314898 \h 5
Business process PAGEREF _Toc461314899 \h 5
Operational business processes PAGEREF _Toc461314900 \h 6
Supporting processes PAGEREF _Toc461314901 \h 6
Management processes PAGEREF _Toc461314902 \h 6
Sample business process plans for Disk 4 U and Sungate Foods Companies PAGEREF _Toc461314903 \h 7
Advantages of the outlined business process PAGEREF _Toc461314904 \h 8
Possible challenges of the outlined business process PAGEREF _Toc461314905 \h 8
Technical solutions to the challenges PAGEREF _Toc461314906 \h 9
Adaptive business strategies for Disk 4 U Company PAGEREF _Toc461314907 \h 9
Disk4 U Company Overview PAGEREF _Toc461314908 \h 9
Business and system requirements PAGEREF _Toc461314909 \h 9
Software selection PAGEREF _Toc461314910 \h 10
Enterprise resource planning software. PAGEREF _Toc461314911 \h 10
Open office. PAGEREF _Toc461314912 \h 11
MYQL. PAGEREF _Toc461314913 \h 11
Mailman. PAGEREF _Toc461314914 \h 12
Adaptive business strategies for Sungate Foods Company PAGEREF _Toc461314915 \h 12
Sungate Foods Company Overview PAGEREF _Toc461314916 \h 12
Business and system requirements PAGEREF _Toc461314917 \h 13
Information system selection PAGEREF _Toc461314918 \h 13
Online shop information flows system. PAGEREF _Toc461314919 \h 13
Portfolio analysis system. PAGEREF _Toc461314920 \h 14
Accounting model; source-funds budget system. PAGEREF _Toc461314921 \h 14
Multiple data bases information analysis systems PAGEREF _Toc461314922 \h 14
Simultaneous marketing decision system. PAGEREF _Toc461314923 \h 14
Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc461314924 \h 15
Recommendations PAGEREF _Toc461314925 \h 15
Customer relationship management software. PAGEREF _Toc461314926 \h 16
Sample customer relation software PAGEREF _Toc461314927 \h 16
Working formula of CR Software PAGEREF _Toc461314928 \h 16
Diversify communication networks. PAGEREF _Toc461314929 \h 17
Bibliography PAGEREF _Toc461314930 \h 18
Strategic information systems report
The changing trends in the market have caused a paradigm shift in the technological advancement of many organizations. Most firms are going viral in developing knowledge-based technology framework with high mechanical effects. Purposively, technology enhances integrating tasks related to labor, departmental segmentation, differentiating mental processes from manual work, tapping innovative ideas and creativity, promoting self-reliance and customers' self-service (Gilmore, 2010, p.203).With the advancements in technology, firms have simplified tasks in line with information system principle of support in decision making.
Financial accounting and business reporting form the core units used in the decision-making process of companies and individual investments. Accounting information is used to give a clear outline of procedures, basic principles used in planning, applications used, and innovative technology embraced for the existence and growth of any given business.
Technological and innovative components defining Disk 4U and Sungate Foods companies could primarily utilize the two models of business process, thus customer loyalty and bricks and clicks. Ideally, the stated models will allow the businesses to manage their customers via an online platform, access client information database, business email, and electronic documents (Polpinij, Ghose, Dam &2015 p. 831). Decision-making process from Disk4 U and Sungate Foods Companies are determined by vetting powers of family members and management votes respectively. Therefore, developing strong management software system would give the companies a competitive advantage over their competitors.
Applicable business process models
Clicks and bricks model
This model assumes that each channel should complement and add value to another, for example, integrating online and offline systems of stock acquisition by customers. Competitively, the customers will make orders online via the internet or offline via mobile phones. Employing this model will help the business to obtain a broad recognition within its market environment and enable the staff to manage the trade-offs activities and integrate the retail and online businesses. Equally, customers will benefit from advice and support on purchases (Afuah, 2014 p. 234).
Customer loyalty business model
The model is based on the use of company's resources to win customers loyalty and stakeholders with the aim of surpassing set objectives of the enterprise. Disk 4 U and Sungate food companies would practically apply this model to monitor customers' satisfaction level with regards to their services and goods amounting to greater heights of customer- business relationship that shall establish commitment between the two parties. As a matter of fact, client's expectations and market demand will be met proficiently (Bressler et al., 2000, p. 56).
Business process
The business process incorporates selective logical procedures by companies or stakeholders singling out tasks such as planning, production, and sales to achieve a concrete goal aimed towards enhancing performance and industrial growth. For example in finance, the processes include invoice, billing, and risk management procedures (Harvey, Melby, and M.., 2006, p. 395).Historically, the key issues that led to massive business processes within organizations include the need for decentralized work processes, diversification through outsourcing, the necessity of task division, and the need for integration of tasks into functional or cross-functional processes. Categorically, there are three basic categories of business processes. These comprise; operational business process, supporting processes, and management processes.
Operational business processes
This deals with the core business and value. For example attending to customer's orders and opening a bank account.
Supporting processes
Supporting processes are also referred to as secondary procedures. This category backs up the core or primary processes and functions within an organization. Accounting and human resource management are examples of supporting operations. Ideally, this group aims at enhancing a smooth running of the business and sustaining it within its environment (R et al., 2013, p. 112).
Management processes
Under this dispensation, organizations and legal bodies evaluate, follow-up, and control business procedures and systems. Some of the building blocks in management process include internal communication, strategic plans, budget, governance, and infrastructure.
Information technology as a driving force for Business Process Management
Business Process Management is defined as improvement in business processes to increase the value that suits customers. It is evidenced that cloud technology has caused a significant value addition to most businesses. This can be reflected via the social media, mobile technology and development of analytical techniques. Cloud-based technologies save companies a lot of purchasing resources easily while at their location via internet platforms. For instance, websites, social media, and smartphones are new channels embraced by organizations to support their clients via emails, voice calls, and customer surveys (Roberts, 2013). This technology has led to a massive generation of data which is imperatively utilized to manage performance and improve company systems with regards to customer services and demands.
Value addedCost added onlySample business process plans for Disk 4 U and Sungate Foods Companies
Computer data entry Check addressCredit card processingSTARTTake order by phone
Credit card in order?
Correct addressContact customerAddress in order?Receive problemContact customerInvoice printingLabel applyingShipping label printing NoYesBox shipping
Source, Halvey, 2006
Advantages of the outlined business process
The use of mobile phone technology has enhanced best practices within organizations since most change for the betterment of its activities to fit the changing market demand. For example, PayPal payment options via Cell phone. Additionally, companies enjoy reduced operational costs such as roadshow advertising by placing their products online for customers to access as per the need. Increased product information due to frequent mobile reminders and advertisements also enhances more access to services and goods within a short timeframe elevating sales for economic growth of businesses. Customers equally enjoy efficiency by obtaining any information via voice call, support systems Google and mail eliminating bottlenecks (Fitzgerald, 2011, P. 59).
Possible challenges of the outlined business process
The described business process model is bound to problems ranging from system failure, work duplication and redundancy, transparent processes and integration issues. System failure is a common problem associated with machines making them unpredictable. This halt processes at particular stage causing errors in the system and delays. This causes dissatisfaction to impatient clients who easily get agitated and may walk out of the business with the company if the issue persists. For example, limited network to access internet delays orders placement. Additionally, duplication of work is irritating when operating the system. Equally, some outcomes are not easy to predict causing unseen mistakes to the busi...
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