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Contemporary Issues In Professional Business Communication (Other (Not Listed) Sample)




Contemporary issues in professional Business communication
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.Introduction PAGEREF _Toc484881570 \h 22. Issues in professional business communication PAGEREF _Toc484881571 \h 32.1 Direct versus Indirect Communication PAGEREF _Toc484881572 \h 32.2 Trouble with Accents and Fluency PAGEREF _Toc484881573 \h 32.3 Different Attitudes toward Hierarchy and Authority PAGEREF _Toc484881574 \h 42.4 Trust PAGEREF _Toc484881575 \h 42.5 Workplace relationship PAGEREF _Toc484881576 \h 42.6 Ineffective leadership PAGEREF _Toc484881577 \h 52.7 Communication issues due to technology PAGEREF _Toc484881578 \h 52.8 Other communication issues PAGEREF _Toc484881579 \h 53. Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc484881580 \h 6
To achieve quality in organization’s communication consistent move towards acquiring the heights and the determination to tackle with failures is required to treat professional communication as an opportunity.
2. Issues in professional business communication
At the business level, the repercussions of communication failure can be very harmful. Here are some instances that clearly states the outcomes if you get failed to comply with the standards of communication that are expected by employees, shareholders or clients.
For instance, Nokia was failed to comply with the needs of the market and struggled a lot to convert its innovative ideas into services. The reason behind this was the “habits of communication which includes no proper discussions about plans of bringing new phone models to the market”. Enron’s collapse was due to “communication based leader responsibilities” which the management was unable to meet (Bouwman, et. al.,2014). The responsibilities such as “communicating proper values” and “transparency to the reasons of problems” were not met. The factors which leads to the disaster of BP oil were “lack of communications” and mismatch in “sharing important information”.
Toyota faced a huge global communication disaster recently because it “forgot the need for transparency”. The organization changed the story and covered the genuine issues, bringing about its image being fundamentally distorted (Stieglitz & Krüger, 2011).Toyota Motors in a nutshell, declared that it could confront misfortunes a total of $2bn approximately from lost outputs and deals around the world. Had it been straightforward, the issue "could have been settled with far less negative press, and without the decrease in sales", as indicated by Avi Hein.
2.1 Direct versus Indirect Communication
In western cultures, the style of communication is direct and its meaning is very apparent. The way of presenting messages in another culture is quite distinct. Hence, the communication between a person related to western culture and a person related to another culture might create confusion in the working place (Ober & Hillson, 2001). This happens during face to face or virtual interactions. The most important determining element in a corporation is how the employees with distinct cultures respond to each other.
2.2 Trouble with Accents and Fluency
A more evident challenge inside a diverse working environment is the language hindrance among employees, including accents and fluency. Though English is the standard spoken language at international level for business, numerous non-English speakers may feel unnoticed and neglected in the working environment as they experience problems delivering their statements in non-native language. In Star Princess Cruise Lines, the passengers who are on the cruise ship Star Princess asked the ship crew members that due to being in distress they had to stop the ship. But unfortunately, the ship did not stop and no aid was provided to the people. As a result, 2 people died due to dehydration.
2.3 Different Attitudes toward Hierarchy and Authority
In any corporation, teamwork is fundamental for achievement and success. However, in a few societies, employees are dealt differently according to their rank inside the organization. Training in the work environment ought to represent transaction strategies among various societies. For instance, multicultural workers have distinct methods for displaying a thought to the supervisor or CEO. In a few organizations, workers must first present to higher level colleagues and upper professional ladders before approaching the official level. While some other corporation has hierarchical structure where staff members and leaders work as a united team. An absence of social mindfulness can bring about a disengaged workforce and leave a few employees feeling unrecognized and neglected. For instance- In British Petroleum, in 2010, a massive crisis was observed for BP as well for its partners. This all happened due to the blow out in the horizon oil rig that is offshore. As there was poor communication, this became the important factor in the disaster. A report on the white house commission was made on this specific incident and told that miscommunication between employee and manager is cause of disaster (Valvi & Fragkos, 2013).
2.4 Trust
The trust inside the organizations gets destroyed due to the failures of communication. It’s a big challenge to create a decent way of communicating among the individuals of the corporation that reflects the values in corporation. If tuning into the qualities is basic to maintain trust, listening to what the partners need to state is important and if the trust is to be kept in an authentic two-manner relationship. Communication is a vital motivation point, a focal piece of the way of life of the corporation (Jones, et. Al., 2004). It is vital to convey the vision and mission that sets out the purpose of the organization apparently to make the context for the individuals connected to it.For instance- CEO of Thai Air, Piyasvasti Amranand lost his job somewhere in 2012. It was very hard to find out the reason of his dismissal. He had held this position for a period of three years. So, he was awarded with an annual review by the company’s Board. As per the media report given on this incident states that there was a lack of communication between Piyasvasti and the Board members. It hampered the process to meet company’s targets.
2.5 Workplace relationship
Absence of communication in a working environment can collapse relationships. The strain made in these working conditions can at last creates lack of motivation and poor operational results, influencing efficiency and execution (Manoj & Baker, 2007). Normal components of poor or negative communication incorporate bits of gossip, wrong information, fragmented data and working environment conflict. This conveys added worry to the working environment that makes it hard to build up a profitable workplace. It drops the trust among the staff when negative communication becomes a daily task. The more it is permitted to degrade the nature of communication and teamwork in the work environment, the more it takes for the work environment to recover and resulting noticeably profitable (Sias & Cahill, 1998).
2.6 Ineffective leadership
The practices related to leadership have a positive impact in the real time and hence the employees experience good quality in the communication done in the workplace. The basic responsibility of communication portrays of the team leader, but his style and also his preference the proof of their communication. It is very much important to select the right style according to the situation. Whether all of team leaders working in the organization are considered as the excellent communicators? For instance- In Enron, there was an investigation on all of the problems due to which there were various leadership responsibilities which are communication based (Seeger & Ulmer, 2003). And the senior managers could not able to manage and failed to meet the objectives-like communicating the perfect values along with the maintenance to the openness displaying the signs of problems.
If there is authentic communication as well as this is consistent in accordance with the actions, level of understanding gets increased. Along with that, trust among the communicators is also enhanced. The main point to consider is that whether the words and actions are properly synchronized with the leadership communication?
2.7 Communication issues due to technology
Confidentiality and the privacy were most ethical issues in this case. To protect and safeguard the clients since the beginning of the profession, employees stated following the strict standards. The practitioners are very well aware how the privacy and confidentiality are the important ingredients for maintaining a good relationship between the clients and the employees (Macnamara & Zerfass, 2012). But it is found that there is a threat to the privacy and confidentiality due to the technological innovations which are in use widely by the employees. The social service agencies as well as the individual practitioners have been maintaining the computer based records for the billing or the ...
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