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Lyrics Analysis Assignment, Survivor By Beyonce Knowles (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


where to choose a song i want and analyse it using the given headlines

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Lyrics analysis is the scrutinization of a song words, its meaning, its intended audience, the reason for coming up with the song, the genre and style of a song [Logan et al.2004]. Survivor is a track written by Beyonce Knowles, Anthony Dent, and Mathew Knowles and performed by the American trio group Destiny Child. The first ever performance of the song was at the soul train awards in 2001. It holds the number 40 spot of the song by greatest girls group of all time according to Billboard.Its music video won the 2001 MTV award for the best R&B music video.
Survivor is an emotional, hurtful and encouraging track for someone who had initially counted on someone never to let them down or bails out. The first and second verse explains the situation. It comes as a shock to them as that was the least expected . Those who bailed expected a fall to follow, but the group has learned to pull themselves together work with the resources they have and even shine better than previously planned. In the third verse, the person has discovered that they are a far much better person since the incident. The person has morals, and they choose not to hold any grudge or paint the person responsible negatively to others. The chorus emphasizes the will and determination for striving for success no matter what.
The group had lost three members of the group in a period of one year. The group was initially made of LaTavia Roberson, Beyonce Knowles, LeToya Luckett and Kelly Rowland . LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett dropped. Later in the year Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin.Farrah Franklin exited the group after five months after joining. It wasn’t a good thing has it had to have many complications. The team was nicknamed survivor after then a reality and competition named Survivor by Charlie Parson. The contestants on the series had to undergo some difficulties in the jungle to emerge the winner. It motivated and inspired them.The criticism helped much in writing of the song hence the born of the Destiny Child song. The Survivor series also inspired most of the aspects of the song music video.
Resilience is the main take from the whole song. Even when faced with the abandonment and the lawsuit filed against them by the former groupmates, the group never gave up. When faced with difficulties one shouldn’t have to give up or even compromise their goals and dreams. They will have just to work harder and make sure they survive whatever comes their way. There should not be any grudges held if someone lets you down or bails you. You just have had to be the "bigger person” .Forgive and just let it go because of the moral...
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