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Market mix Business & Marketing Research Coursework (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


to look at THE 4PS IN RELATION TO HERSHEY food firm


The marketing mix
The marketing mixes are four factors involved in the day to day marketing of goods or services. Product policy, price policy, promotion policy, and distribution policy are the key factors that makeup the market mix. The correct marketing mix will go along away in assisting the company in creating or maintaining the right relationship with customers (Zinedine&Philipson 232). The marketing mix has been not only fundamental in maintaining the existing customers but also in gaining the new customer base. And these 4Ps has been instrumental to the success of Hershey Food.
Product is the type of goods or services that a company provides to its customers. Ideally, these products need to fulfill a certain customer’s demand or must compel the customer to believe they need it. For the company to be successful, management should understand the life fabric of any product, and need to have in place mechanisms for dealing with a product at any given stage of its life cycles. The type of the market also determines the price that the company would charge on the products. To maintain its customer base, Hershey Food offers a wide range of products that a customer can choose from depending on their needs and money these includes space and communications, and microwave products.

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