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Personal Reflection (Other (Not Listed) Sample)

Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Date Personal Reflection This course of Human Relations has introduced me to a new world of latest knowledge; I was not aware with previously. It is the art and practice of using the organized and systematic knowledge about behaviors of human in an effective way to improve careers, jobs, and professions, academic and personal lives of people. After taking this course, now I understand that how personal and professional lives are both important and influential for each other in multiple ways, such as, if you have high levels of job satisfaction, this will eventually impact your personal life in a positive way. While on the other hand, problems in personal life may lead a person to develop negative attitudes about job or work. Our professional lives also affect our physical and psychological health, and serious kinds of negative job situations or conditions may lead the employees to experience the stress disorders or heart diseases. Personal life is also impacted by the quality of relationships, one has with his coworkers or colleagues at workplace. There happened to be specific skills like active listening which can help a person to succeed in personal and professional life by improving relations. Now, it has become easy for me to understand that why today, many employers recognize and acknowledge the link between work and personal life and conduct programs to enhance this association in positive ways. The major purpose of conducting these kinds of programs is to help employees controlling their personal lives which will eventually assist them to concentrate on work because it gets difficult indeed for the employees to manage the family and work demands at a time. So, it is important to pamper and facilitate the employees to an extent to increase their productivity and commitment to their work. This course has improved my understanding of human relations, and I admit the fact now that to enjoy effective and efficient human relations, we first need to understand our personalities. This course has also taught me methods to gain understanding of ourselves by acquiring general information about behaviors of humans and apply it to ourselves, by obtaining informal feedback from different people in our surroundings, by obtaining feedback from our coworkers, by obtaining feedback from different self-examination tools and measures and by collecting the insights about ourselves from counseling and psychotherapy. My knowledge about self-concept and self-esteem has also greatly upgraded through this course, and now I plan to apply this knowledge to improve my self-concept and self-esteem. I am highly concerned with improving my self-concept and self-esteem because my learning during this course has strongly established by my observation of different employees and how they remain encouraged and motivated about their work if they have high self-esteem and self-concept. One more major advantage of having these attributions high results in good mental health. Moreover, I have learned from this course that how to develop people skills and how to cope with professional problems. The most amazing and influential thing, I have studied during this course is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), its application, use, results and its benefits in the job industry. It is no doubt the most famous personality indicator type measure and is fundamentally based on the theories of personality presented by Carl Jung. This measure provides the understanding about differences that may arise in the workplace and at home. It is a framework, most beneficial and extremely easy to understand, about how to build teams and relationships at workplace. It is based on the principles of Jung’s personality models which presented the psychological types of different personalities in 1921. This model states that every person has innate desire to grow and during this process of growth, people learn that how their personalities operate individually, how to develop the personality parts that are more helpful and how to learn useful information about people around us. The key lies in self-awareness, and a manager, leader or human resources professional strongly need to have this sound knowledge about themselves and their employees. The self-administration of MBTI during this course was an actual fun, and I discovered my personality type as INFP. This has enhance my knowledge about myself, and I enjoyed discovering many things about my personality through this course. Exploring theoretical bases is important, but it is indeed its application that now I realize its importance in work and job settings on employees or prospective candidates. The results of MBTI are scored and reported as a personality type in four letters which may be ESTP, ISFJ, or ENTJ. There are four pars of personality indicators including Extroverts or Introverts (E or I), Sense or Intuition (S or I), Thinking or Feeling (T or I), and Judging or Perceiving (J or P). All these personality indicators finally make sixteen possible different combinations of personality types as a personality can take one attribute from these four indicators. Extroverts are more focused on things and people while introverts emphasize on ideas and concepts; Sensing dominant personalities prefer their five senses of smell, taste, touch, sound a...
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