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AT&T: Alexander Graham Bell’s Telephone Invention (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Annual Report Assignment about how charts are used to provide investors with detailed and transparent information

AT&T Inc. was founded in 1983 through Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone inventions. AT&T Inc. is one of the largest telecommunication companies that provide mobile telephone and broadband subscription television services in the United States. It is located at Whitaker Tower in Dallas, Texas. AT&T Inc. 2013 annual report of the company uses charts and descriptive words. The report shows present situation, trends of the company finance which can help the investor to know the exact position of the company and the future plans or targets. By comparing three years’ worth data through charts and descriptive words, it is easy to predict the company’s future.
Charts play a role in understanding the current state of the company comparing with the past. A chart will show the present position of a company from the previous year performances (Howard 82). The AT&T 2013 annual report uses a chart to show a strong revenue growth of the company in percentages (AT & T 2). An investor is interested in knowing that a company is in a position to operate in the years to come and the information of the company’s finance presented in the charts will help the investors to understand the company. From the information presented in the charts, AT&T Inc. is likely to persuade investors to invest in the company.
Charts can also be used to describe the growth or changes of the sales of a firm (………). AT&T 2013 annual report presents financial operation data and financial statements which gives a detailed account of operations and 2011, 2012 and 2013 sales (AT&T 10, 11). The information is presented in percentages increments or decrease, however, by using charts the information could have been explained better. Charts will show both monetary position of the company and the trend of the company from the previous years’ reports. It would be easy for investors to see from the charts the position of the company and the trend the company is taking in the markets. AT&T Inc. would have represented the information in charts which would have served the same purpose to persuade investors.
AT&T Inc. also uses descriptive explanation to compare its current year’s sale with two previous year’s sales. After giving the data in the financial statements the report explains into details by percentage various information given in the statements. For example, the company gives explained information of the decreased cost of service and sales (AT & T 12). Although the financial statement gave monetary values, the detail uses percentages to explain the trend in sales. The company uses bold words to show what is to be explained and then says whether there was an increase or a decrease in the same. Investors have specific areas of interest and it is therefore easy to get what the investors are interested in and understand the company’s performance....
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