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Summarize The Provided Article After Identifying The Thesis Statement (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Summarize the provided article after identifying the thesis statement.

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Critical Essay Summary
The writer of this article is more concerned with the physical borderland that exists between the Texas-US Southwest and the Mexican border. Other Borderlands include the psychological, sexual and spiritual ones which are not for those with the Southwest culture. They only become paramount when two different races live in the same territory. Following that individuals reside within the borderlands with a link on both sides of the border is a troubled existence for any person. The author of the book describes the difficulty of the situation following that she faced a lot of adversity, struggles, and violation where she lived. Therefore, the thesis of this piece of artwork revolves around the struggles of a person living at the borderland following that it is a woman with cultures from both sides of the world.
It is through the texts that the author asserts she was able to keep her sanity intact. The first chapter of the text covers the Aztlán which is known as the US Southwest in the contemporary world. The largest group of Indians found in the USA reside in this part of the country. A border refers to the distinct line that defines the safe places from the unsafe. The Mexican border keeps all forms of people considered to be beyond the reasonable threshold away and are referred to as aliens. As such, these aliens are violated in every known way like rape, maim, strangling or even shot regardless of their race, which may be Indian, Black or Chicanos. Only the white man was in power, and those who had aligned themselves with them are kept safe from harm.
The second chapter describes the author’s rebellion and breakage from the struggles of the Mexican border. At a very young age, the author did not conform to the society culture and as such faced a lot of tyranny. It is asserted that those in power create and control culture. According to the values at the Mexican Border, the women are required to show more commitment to the culture as opposed to men, and this was one of the many struggles the author faced. Members of this culture depict the fear of the supernatural to the extent that everyone followed every tradition to the latter. The fear is expressed even further with the way they perceived a lesbian woman. In a tale, it is explained that a woman is “half and half” where she was a woman for a period before turning into a male.
The author orchestrates her rebellion from the culture when she exhibits her lesbian behavior. She, therefore, went against two primary cultural prohibitions which are sexuality and homosexuality considering that she was raised Catholic. Because of this, she had a fear of going back home and the ultimate fear was acceptance back into their culture. The author recognizes the fact that she is a woman of color who never lost touch with her home culture. She was not like other women who were forced to let go of their culture, and she equates herself to the turtle because everywhere it goes, it carries its home on its back. She points out that her culture mistreats women in the society and holds the man so high above them (this is what she hated).
The author further explains the struggles of a female at the border, still from culture. It is hard to associate with people because every time she spoke English, she was told that it ruined the Spanish and vice versa. Those residing at the Mexican border had to develop their tongue which was a means of those who we...
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