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Story Features A Daring And Life Threatening Adventure (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


this is a creative story which features a daring and life threatening adventure.


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A Daring Adventure
It was on 27th August 2015, a fine Thursday morning, when my friends and I boarded a bus to a nearby camping site. I was so excited about the trip hoping against hope that my experience would be thrilling and adventurous. We were to spend two days with our trip scheduled to wind-up on Saturday, 28th August; therefore we had carried a few personal belongings and some packed food. The journey was uneventful considering that most of us were from that locality hence there were no interesting landmarks or occurrences. I spent the better part of the journey sleeping considering that my seatmate was not good at maintaining a long conversation. After a six hours journey, we reached the camping site which apparently was next to a large game reserve. We alighted the bus and proceeded to hurriedly setup our tents before the night kicked in.
The First Night
I was very thrilled since it was my first visit to that camping site; therefore, I spent my first evening walking around the site under the light of the moon which was shining brightly. Later I joined my friends around a bonfire which we had lit earlier where we took supper and retired to sleep. The night was a little creepy with all manner of sounds from different animals emanating from the neighboring game reserve, starting from howls of wolfs all the way to trumpeting of elephants. Amidst all the scary noises, I managed to finally get some sleep though I woke up several times due to numerous nightmares that I got.
The Second Day
It was a bright Friday morning, and the bright sun rays seemed to promise us a good adventurous day. The adventure started early in the morning as we had to trace some of our lunch boxes which had been left around the bonfire and apparently we found them across the river, empty. One worker told us that they probably were taken by monkeys and he warned us never to leave anything outside especially unmanned. After that little fiasco, we resulted to preparing the breakfast after which we braced ourselves for an adventurous day in the jungle.
I proposed to the team that the best route to follow was along the river because later it would be easier to trace our way back to

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