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Jurgenson And The Online-Offline Digital Dualism (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


After reading Jurgenson's essay, "The IRL Fetish," answer the following questions:
1) What does Jurgenson mean by the phrase "digital dualism"? Does he agree with that concept? Support your answer with places from the text.
2) What is the purpose of the first six paragraphs of this essay? Why do you think the writer structured his argument in this way? How else could he have organized it?
3) Jurgenson argues that the "current obsession with the analog, the vintage, and the retro has everything to do with this fetishization of the offline" (par. 7). What does he mean by this, specifically? Do you agree with the causal connection he proposes here? Why or why not? Try and connect your answer to your experiences.

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The Online-Offline Dualism
In the essay “The IRL Fetish,” Jurgenson uses the term digital dualism to refer to “the tendency of viewing the online and offline as largely distinct” (195). Jurgenson does not agree with this concept because the physical and the digital are inseparable. He insists that it is myopic to trade the online for the offline, that more time spent offline is less time spent online. In reality, people’s existence is as a result of “the constant interpenetration of the online and offline” (195). Whatever is created online penetrates into the offline world, merging the two realms into one.
The purpose of the first six paragraphs of this essay is to prepare the reader for the bombshell that Jurgenson is just about to drop: that online life is real. At the start of this article, Jurgenson purposefully misleads his audience to think that he is going to talk about the usual online-offline rhetoric (191). He structured his argument this way because he wanted the reader to get enough of the paranoiac cases about the disconnection that Smartphones have created among people. Later on, Jurgenson releases his truth: that Smartphones have not disconnected people from reality, but they have created a dualism between online and offline that drives people towards a new reality. There is no any other way he could have organized his essay, for this is the best way he can infiltrate the rigid and adamant mindsets.
The statement “the current obsession with the analog, the vintage, and the retro has everything...
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