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Poem Creation Employing Various Stylistic Devices (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This task was about creating and developing a poem from scratch. The condition was that It should be original, never been published anywhere, and authentic.
I was also expected to richly employ stylistic devices and other elements that are crucial as far as writing a poem is concerned.
I was able to come up with a poem titled, "African Unhealthy Sausages".
I was successful in employing rhyme, assonance, consonance, and iteration among other stylistic elements.


Poem: African Unhealthy Sausages
The people of Africa, the unforgiving African poverty in Africa,
Draining down drainage are the ‘Sausages’ of Africa,
Many fear for diseases cause by the soaked ‘Sausages’ Africa,
The government being the governing body, failed health policies ‘Aye’,
While attending the international health summits, they node with affection,
The government minister, always minister not about current situation but aftermath,
He promised us shoes, shoes that would make things affirmative,

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