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Alternate Plot Structures (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


For this assessment you must demonstrate your understanding of alternate plot structures by writing
your own version of one of the fairy tales provided.
● Select one of the following fairy tales .
● Select two of the techniques from this lesson.
● Rewrite part or all of the fairy tale using the two techniques you have selected.
● Include one paragraph in which you explain which techniques you have selected and how
you put them to use in your re-write.
● Look at a sample of this assignment. See the sample .
Your project will be graded according to the following rubric


The children are taken deep into the forest twice for purposes of having them left to die. This plot is orchestrated by their evil mother who wants to get rid of them. However, each time, they manage to get back due to the brains Hansel employs to work. Hansel is intelligent enough to find their way back home.
His father said: 'Hansel, what are you looking at there and staying behind for? Pay attention, and do not forget how to use your legs.' 'Ah, father,' said Hansel, 'I am looking at my little white cat, which is sitting up on the roof, and wants to say goodbye to me.' The wife said: 'Fool, that is not your little cat, that is the morning sun which is shining on the chimneys.' However, Hansel had not been looking back at the cat but had been continuously throwing one of the white pebble-stones out of his pocket on the road.
'But now we must be off,' said Hansel, 'that we may get out of the witch's forest. They then went ahead and crossed the river on the back of a small duck that carried them across in turns.
The children were left to die in the forest by their parents because of the dearth that had struck the land leading to no food. The wife thought that it was a good idea to have the children left in the heart of the forest where they would eventually die and never

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