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Analysis Essay: Hurston’s “Sweat”. Literature & Language (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


an analysis of the author's strategies in development of the story "sweat" in a bid to convince her audience


Analysis Essay: Hurston’s “Sweat”
To guarantee a commendable literary text that taps the audience’s attention and manipulates its mood or opinion by engaging it, it is prudent for an author to employ effective stylistic devices. Neale Hurston’s “Sweat” presents African-American family woes. Specifically, the misery that is undergone by wives of oppressive and inhuman husbands. Delia Jones has to endure her partner's racism, scornful personality, irresponsibility, and infidelity. The author successfully achieves the pre-identified strategy by assigning appropriate personalities to her characters and capitalizing on her choice of words to tap a pathetic appeal and logical appeal from her audience. Thus, she strengthens her credibility and ultimately, her point of view.
Hurston presents Delia as a hardworking person. At the beginning of the text, the author hints that Delia is hardworking by reporting that Delia would have been in bed for two hours however, she is up and sorting clothes so that she can begin washing. Through an argument with Sykes later in the text, we realize that she has been working as a washwoman for the past fifteen years. Fifteen years working as a washwoman is such a long time enough for one to quit. Delia does not quit despite the oppression she undergoes that implies that no one motivates her. Waking up so early to wash other people's clothes is not a desirable job. Neither is staying up late to do the washing. Her husband's personality has restricted her movement in the village since she does not want to pass close to groups of people. Thus, she has to use longer routes and fix her schedule to favor her. This makes her work to be harder. However, she is dedicated to her job and does not give up proving her to be a hardworking person who can defy all odds to achieve her goals.

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