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Rhetorical Analysis of I has a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King Jr. (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


I was instructed to Identify the rhetorical elements of the speech, logos, pathos, ethos, etc.


Rhetorical Analysis of I has a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King Jr.
The speech "I have a Dream" by Dr. Martin Luther King was viewed as an icebreaker during the heated differences between the Americans and the African Americans in the 1960s. The speech was given at a period when the blacks were facing infinite series of injustices, and as a result, they suffered from the racial segregation. Therefore, according to King's well known famous speech, "I Have a Dream," which was delivered in the year 1963 in Washinton D.C., was to describe a better America further. According to Luther's speech, a ‘better America' meant a nation that had freed itself from racial discrimination against the black people. The leather speech begins with an illustration of the historical context of several injustices done against the black people as a result of their dark skin color. Dr. Martin Luther's introduction in his speech not only creates a foundation for delivering the first statement about the Americans and the black people but also paints a picture of the people he desires to see in the future. This paper shall evaluate the well known political "I Have a Dream speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr through the rhetorical analysis. The examination will be done through the driving Heuristic speech which entailed various social constructions and paradigms such ethos, logos, and pathos.
Studies show that speakers can persuade through logos, ethos or pathos combined. The Aristotle shows that for a speech to be to touch its listener's soul it has to have to engage both non-rationale and rationale. Firstly, credibility must be seen through the speaker's speech by appearing as honest, open-minded and knowledgeable through the use of ethos. Secondly, the speaker must have a logical appeal and valid arguments based on either personal experiences, facts or and observations through the use of logos. Finally, the speaker must draw and hold the attention of the audience by making an emotional appeal through an emotional connection or by use Pathos. Therefore, in Luther's case, we see the use of the three persuading to deliver a heartwarming speech by Dr.Luther King was a mark of hope for a new era of the historic black people.
However, there have been tremendous changes since King's speech to a multitude of people. Nonetheless, the fights began by Luther are still not over. To date, the African Americans always fight for their rights to equality. However, Martin Luther diverted the thought pattern of the majority by persuading a majority to find logic in togetherness and unity through non-violence. King dreamt of a brighter future where both Americans and African Americans shared the same space and social circle that is free of discrimination.
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