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Interdisciplinary Study: Collaboration, Critical Thinking And Adaptability (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This week, you read another chapter from Bridges, this time on the conventions of another discipline besides your own. For this blog, you may speculate on the purpose of learning another discipline's conventions in addition to your own. Why might the WID (Writing in the Disciplines) approach find this method useful? Or, you may assess the value of reading and writing about another discipline. Does knowing more about another discipline allow you to feel like more of an insider within your own discipline? Do you think interdisciplinary study (learning about multiple disciplines) is an asset to your writing or academic career? Or, would it be a more fruitful use of your time to focus entirely on your chosen discipline? Again, consider this blog as an open-ended writing assignment in which you react to the week's reading with at least 300 words and an appreciative response to one of your peers.


Interdisciplinary study
The fact that different academic disciplines often use similar theories and concepts means that there is no single discipline that stands on its own. This usually makes it possible for students to pursue and excel in more than a single discipline. Being knowledgeable in other disciplines other than one’s own helps foster a number of skills including creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and adaptability. Being familiar with many other disciplines allow one to develop a meaningful understanding of the complex relations as well as influences within their disciplines. This means that it greatly contributes to making one feel like an insider within their own discipline.
I think that interdisciplinary study is a great asset to my academic career. This is because it allows for better understanding, retention as well as application of general concepts. Additionally, interdisciplinary study facilitates greater comprehension of

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