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Mental Health in America Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Discuss one of the most prominent health issues in the US


Mental Health in America
Mental diseases are the health issues that affect how an individual behaves, thinks, and intermingle with other persons. Such illnesses take various forms, just as any other physical diseases do. Mental ailments are still misunderstood and feared by several people. However, such fear is anticipated to disappear because people are learning about them. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) (2016), mental illnesses are treatable if they are discovered at the early stages and a dire medication prescribed for the victim. Mental illness is on the gamut of cruelty ranging from placid to moderate and to severe. There have been several controversial arguments about the presence of mental illness in the US where other individuals say that the US does not have many people with such ailments. This essay gives the statistics of the Americans with this illness as an equivocal evidence that can be used to quell such arguments, it describes different mental health disorders, the causes of the mental illnesses and how they can be dodged, how much the US has spent, per year, on the treatment of such illness. Moreover, many people say that the healthcare facilities in the US cater for every person but it is actually not true. The essay argues on the fact that mental people find it hard to get treatment in the US.

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