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An Examined Life Critical Thinking and Ethics (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


provide a brief summary of Roca, Octavio and Schuh, Matthew. An Examined Life Critical Thinking and Ethics. McGraw- Hill Education. 2015.


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Roca and Schuh critically discuss the concept of the death penalty as a form of punishment by various countries around the world. Notably, the authors note that punishment is a deliberate way of infringing on person’s human rights hence must be justified before implementation. They indicate that punishments have different categories with capital taking center stage. The authors note that the history of such penalties dates in biblical times with books such as Hebrews and other Christian scriptures recording insurmountable punishments for those who kill. Apart from that, Roca and Schuh draw numerous philosophical concepts of Immanuel Kant and Hugo Adam Bedau to clarify the contentious issue of death penalty. Both philosophers note that although it is crucial to maintaining law and order in the society, capital punishments such as death penalty should not be used as no individual has the moral authority to kill (Roca Schuh 354).
Apart from that, Roca and Schuh analyze the civil rights as well as the struggles for racial equality. They discuss how people have fought for equal rights since the 18th century. Notably, the idea of equality was brought back by the French and American Revolutions whereby people seek to have equal rights regardless of their ethical or racial affiliations. The authors note that the discussion to attain the equality has been a contentious issue for decades. The debate brings about affirmative action which means policies that continuously increase the opportunities for the disadvantaged in the society. It enables them to attain essential social good and equity (Roca Schuh 393). The discussion expands to a point they discuss social injustices as well as those who benefited from the evils.

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