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The Importance of Practicing Effective Leadership Skills (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The paper answers psychology questions based on effective leadership on An individual working in the medical field. He/she expresses the challenges encountered in the profession among other questions. The paper did not require any citations and references because it is a response paper. It contains 10 questions all answered.


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Question 1
Exceptional leadership skills are beneficial to both leaders and people being lead. Notably, an individual who can lead oneself effectively can develop a good working relationship with others. Mastering individuals relationships enables one to work as a leader and a contributor to teams. In essence, a leader who relates effectively with others can be a source of inspiration to others besides leading them well.
Question 2
During last semester's session, I found my colleagues abusing alcohol contrary to school rules and regulations. As a student leader, I made a quick judgment and reported them to the school administration. Later, I noticed that I made a wrong decision because I did not engage them; and find out what makes them consume alcohol. Such engagement would give possible solutions. I learned that an individual needs to explore all the possibilities that might provide better results.
Question 3
I hope to enter a Nursing career. Notably, empathy is an essential quality in such a profession. Empathic nurses can understand the patient's emotions and feelings; besides, sensitive to the patient's suffering and joy. Therefore, a nurse with such quality can relate well with patients; and provide healthcare services with a lot of love and care.

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