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Perspectives of an Older Adult on Different Issues (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Essay Option 4 – Interview of an Adult in LateAdulthood
For this assignment, you will be interviewing an adult in late adulthood (over 70 for this assignment). The purpose of this assignment isto deepen your understanding ofthis stageby:1) learning directly from someone who is currently in this stage of life and 2) applying your textbook learning to a real world case study.
1) Identify a person who is willing to be interviewed
2) Prepare your interview questions
3) Conduct the interview
4) Write your Interview Report
1. Identify a person who is willing to be interviewed
Find a personover the age of 70 years old who is willing to be interviewed by you. The interview will likely take about 30-60 minutes.
2. Prepare your interview questions
Using information from your text as a guide, develop your interview questions.
Your interview should cover several topics addressed in chapters 14-15of your text. Review chapters 14-15 of your text for major topic areas to explore in your interview. You should also incorporate any relevant information from chapters 13 or 16.
Below are several recommended topics and possible interview questions for you to use. You may also develop your own questions. Have your interview questions prepared before your interview. If you know a bit about the person you will interview, you can tailor the questions more specifically for that person. You may need to be flexible during the interview, changing questions as you go. (For example, if you learn that your interviewee has never been married or in a long-term relationship, you obviously wouldn’t continue with questions about marriage.) You may add additional questions as you see fit during the interview.
3. Conduct the interview
Be well prepared for the interview and behave in a professional manner. Be respectful.
Take careful notes during the interview. You may want to record the interview if your interviewee agrees to being recorded.
4. Write your Interview Report
Begin your report with the person’s name (first name only, for confidentiality), age, how/why you chose this person, and where/when the interview took place.
Summarize the information your interviewee shared with you about their experience being in lateadulthood, and make explicit connections between information from your interview to information in your textbook. Use information from your interview to illustrate concepts in the text, or to contradict ideas in the text. Be sure to refer to specific information in your text, citing relevant page numbers.
Your essay should not be a transcript of or just a summary of your interview. It should report on and analyze your interview material, connecting the content of the material to information from the text.
For example, you might write something like this: “According to our text, middle-aged adults engage in more family-oriented and leisure activities, and the activities tend to be less physically intense than in young adulthood. This is true for Stephanie’s experience. She said that she used to bike and rollerblade several miles when she was a young adult, but now, most of her leisure time is spent with her family. She goes on shorter, slower-paced bike rides with her kids.”
Conclude with a Reflection: Your report should conclude with your own thoughts on the interview. Address these guiding questions:
How did you feel during the interview? What was the highlight of the interview? What did you find surprising? Overall, how well did your interviewee confirm information from the text? What are your thoughts and feelings about that stage of adulthood as a result of this project?


Student's Name
Instructor’s Name
Perspectives of an Older Adult
I interviewed John, now 71, who is living a retired life in Minnesota. He is one of the closest friends of my father. When I approached him for an interview, he instantly agreed and even let me record it for future use. I asked questions about his hobby, relationship with children and grandchildren, physical and psychological challenges he is facing, things that frustrate him, and major challenges the country is experiencing. John lives happily with his family and has no serious physical diseases or psychological challenges. He terms the aging issue, housing affordability, and poor health infrastructure the greatest challenges the United States is facing currently. The interviewee has a sound understanding of the socio-political issues and lives a contented life, but his family's obsession with social media platforms disturbs him.
John likes reading newspapers and books to be a well-aware citizen. However, he forgets a lot of facts and information that he has read mainly because of his age. Nevertheless, the hobby gives him a much-needed escape from loneliness.
Here, John pinpoints a serious challenge that popular media is misleading the masses. Watching television, people get the perspective that the shows and programs reflect the real situation happening in the world, which creates chaos and confusion. The interviewee has made a valid point that TV shows do not offer a deeper understanding of the current socio-economic and political challenges. John does not watch TV programs because he thinks that today, television in the United States is highly biased and negative. To him, instead of giving a balanced analysis of the given situation, political shows are exceedingly biased. On Fox News, the Republicans are the true Americans, and on CNN, only Democrats know the solutions to all the socio-economic and political challenges. Instead, he reads newspapers that offer a better understanding of the current situation. On a factual point, newspapers render wider perspectives and deeper cognizance. Due to his reading habit, friends call him Mr. Information. Therefore, John has a refined and updated knowledge of current affairs.
The interviewee has always enjoyed good health since his family does not suffer from 

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