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What Is A Religion? Importance Of Traditions In Society (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


What is a religion?

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What is a religion?
Whenever I think about this question, I am reminded of what St. Augustine said concerning time. In my opinion, it sounds the same as religion. We all tend to believe to know the meaning of religion before being asked. But once we are tasked to answer what religion is, it turns out to be very difficult to define.
From my perception, religion is not only about activities but also beliefs that are channeled to be of sacred value and the power of transformation. It is a unique force in the society. It is because it inspires individuals to do well. Historically, religion has various significance. For instance, it has helped to end slavery, racial integration, and promotion of equal rights for women.
In the prehistoric times, the Latin word religio is understood as the individual righteousness of worship. It was neither viewed as a doctrine, practice nor source of knowledge. According to James 115, in the contemporary times, the term religion entails a totally different meaning. It involves various sets of beliefs and doctrines. It comes about due to the invention of the English language after the splitting of Christendom. It was later fuelled during the globalization period which entailed coming into contact with various foreign cultures considered non-European.
Importance of religious traditions in society
In society, religion has played an important role, both in the prehistoric as well as the modern times. It assisted in the moral and ethical improvement of the society. Various studies suggest that those considered as older within the society tend to find religion more important in their lives as compared to the young. This view is backed up by women than their male counterparts. Those with degrees are less likely to agree that religion is important in comparison to those with lower levels of education.
Blacks, when compared to whites, tend to value religion and see it as important to their lives when compared to the whites. Grotius, Clarke and Antognazza 54 argue that this kind of pattern manifests in various population worldwide even though not in all- religious groups. Because of religion, those living within a given society have the mandate to decide on what is right. Lack of religion would make people not to fear disobeying God. As a matter of fact, people would be acting as they please. Even though there exists ‘secular’ nation, they still tend to believe in religion. It is because they want to experience the good side of God. It is the responsibility of religion that stops individuals from committing criminal activities.
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