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Child Abuse in US (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The literature review should contain:
• 750-1000 words
• An introductory paragraph that explains your working topic and thesis
• Coherent, unified body paragraphs that use topic sentences and transition words to
o juxtapose, synthesize, and distill the source material for the reader
o identify key concepts, similarities, and differences within the body of literature
o show how the sources relate to one another
• A conclusion that summarizes the key findings you have taken from the literature and returns to the research topic
• A works cited page or list of references, whichever is required by your citation style


Child abuse is a complex life experience happening when a caregiver or parent does potential or intentional harm to a youngster, including omission and commission acts. Child neglect and abuse is not a remarkable occasion, yet it is not constantly perceived. Recognizing the genuine number of abused children is a test due to the huge changeability in revealed predominance information across considers. Lamentably, in the United States, it influences 1 of every nine kids, by the age of 18 years, every year. Pediatricians may experience an assortment of types of abuse, for example, sexual abuse, neglect, physical and emotional abuse (Kim and Brett, 782). These factors ought to be evaluated, examined and recognized by utilizing a deliberate methodology and focusing on the fundamental need of youngsters that may not be met. Child abuse is a worldwide issue with genuine long-lasting psychiatric, psychological and physical outcomes. It is related with high social and economic costs, (for example, physical, emotional and mental health, special education, criminal justice, productivity losses and child welfare costs) because of its high predominance and its short-term and long-term consequences. This literature review proposes that an alternative hypothetical structure which relates significant and incorporates environmental factors about child abuse perpetrator and victim will create the most extensive clarification of child neglect and abuse.
Presently, there exists no definitive etiology of child abuse even though there are two significant and differentiating hypotheses 

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