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Suicide and Relationships Between Older Men and Younger Women (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


What are the main points that you have learned from the two prompts about suicide and relationships between older men and younger women and how do these prompts reflect societal attitudes and dynamics that should be addressed and changed?
From the first prompt on suicide, you have learned that attempting suicide is not a random or spontaneous act, but rather a result of a complex combination of factors such as exhaustion of emotional reserves, burnout, and a state of neurological override of survival instincts. Additionally, you have noted that suicide can be a confusing state, often marked by moments of impulsivity and a precarious balance between life and death. This highlights the importance of addressing and changing societal attitudes towards mental health and providing support for individuals who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.
In the second prompt on relationships between older men and younger women, you have noted that these relationships can be characterized by imbalanced power dynamics, control, and ego, and that young women may be vulnerable to exploitation and self-delusion. You have also noted that societal attitudes towards these relationships often prioritize male perspectives and experiences while disregarding those of women, perpetuating a culture of gender inequality. To address and change these societal attitudes, it is important to re-examine and challenge these cultural narratives and to promote a greater understanding of consent and respect in relationships.


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Critical Response to Prompt
Prompt One: Suicide, Watch
From the prompt, I have noticed that people who want to attempt suicide are often convinced that it is the only option. It is always that they have exhausted their emotional reserves and continue pursuing more opportunities, which is the ultimate state of burnout. Jilly sought many options to commit suicide, including razor wounds, medications, shower stream, and pills (Nafissa). This aspect has made me realize that before attempting suicide, someone has to be in a neurological state while they override their survival instincts. Jilly had reached a point when she felt her capacity for emotional pain had outweighed the time she could wait for relief, the exact moment when she had access to a possible means to end her life. Therefore, attempting suicide is not like a freak accident since many things must align to commit suicide.
Another aspect I have learned from the prompt is that Jilly was conflicted, making suicide a confusing state. Jilly had to tip back and forth, seeking lmed on how to set the e

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