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Feminism Is Not About Being the Same As Men by Ginger (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


The task is the analysis of the articles 'What Is Feminism? It’s No Longer a Useful Question' by Monica and 'Feminism Is Not About Being the Same As Men' by Ginger.

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Notions of Gender
The matter of gender and its roles has been outlined with varying explanations and different notions by modernized society of the present day. Concepts such as feminism and male chauvinism are utilized in order to provide an elaborate descriptions of how and in what ways the social norms expect and command the genders to act. The present day society has set an essentialist notion for women particularly and expects them to act within the predetermined set of roles and responsibilities and then labels them as good or bad feminists. A similar concept if provided by Roxane Gay in article Bad Feminist, which outlines the essentialist notion of feminism and is a feminist too, but appalled to see varying labels and differing definitions of the notions of feminism. Other articles such as What Is Feminism? It’s No Longer a Useful Questionby Monica and Feminism Is Not About Being the Same As Men by Ginger present the same disturbing comments regarding feminism.
According to Roxane's analysis, the notion of essential feminism suggests there exists a set of activities and expectations that has been predetermined by the current society. Feminism include principles such as women don't stare men, hate pornography, and focus their career. Similarly, other people have set their own standards of judging women and labeling them as feminist or anti-feminist. For instance, Elizabeth Wurtzel thinks that real women have their own money and earn well to make their living, which in other words, proves stay at home women as fake feminists. This labeling and categorization goes on and compels women to stop thinking of themselves as feminists (Roxane, 2012).
Much has been written and studied on the subject of feminism and its essentialist notion with the application to society today. Monica Byrne in her article, What Is Feminism? It’s No Longer a Useful Question, talks about the same feminism campaign and women labeling in a critical manner (Monica, 2012). She also implies Roxane' essentialist notion of gender and opines that women have been conditioned to see themselves as a creature of some special kind, the roles and duties of which have been fixed by the society. American media considers male gender as the default human, and female is taken to be an exception with an absurd set of expectations and special qualifications. Writer of this article mentions her own experiences too along with ways in which females should fight the physical or verbal abuse instead of tolerating it quietly on her female body.
Denying the essentialist notion discussed by Roxane, Monica here presents the possibility of existence of female gender in each and every role of the world. She has witnessed women to be everything: happy, sad, bold, shy, introvert, extrovert, loud, soft, controlling, obeying, and ruthless, and violent too. In her opinion, fixing a set of prescribed standards and assumed expectations does not justifies female gender; it only labels and oppresses her. In order to be sufficiently fair, it is essential that women be considered human and not an exception in any other form. American media, in particular, needs to stop campaigning feminism and involving women especially in every matter by addressing them.
Ginger Moran writes another article regarding feminism with the title Feminism Is Not About Being the Same As Men. The self explanatory caption of her article suggests the application of the essentialist notion of feminism discussed in Roxane's writing. Moran mentions that now it's high time that women choose their own identities and prevent themselves from being labeled and campaigned for. Feminism has been a topic of discussion and voicing out since even before 1960s when women's expectation of working and being in relationships with equality to men were built. From her own experiences mentioned in the article, it can be well assumed that Moran did everything in her life that a man would do; she rather did and achieved more than that. From the account of her personal life, she concludes that cultural beliefs and norms are most likely to impact the confidence and perception of women about their abilities and skills (Ginger, 2012).
Ginger thinks that there exists no evidence of why women cannot be good at math when men can. There is a little difference of structure and hormone of the brains of male and female yet they functions the same and for the same purpose. She illustrates her opinion with Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s example of her radical choices, which was staying in marriage with a man who had been tragically flawed, yet she loved him and raised his kids. Such a courage truly poses a challenge to the essentialist notion of feminism and denies it in every aspect.
It can be seen from the writing that it partially depends upon the perception and maturity of a woman to either enslave her thoughts and doctrines within the ideology of feminism, or break the chains and do whatever she wants. Gay in her article presents herself as a bad feminist; she talks of women's will to surrender, be considered and nurtured, and dressed up and well-mannered all the time. Ginger Moran concludes that now, it is time to break the chains of feminism and move on to something worthier than this.
We are a society where feminism and gender biasness has created confusions and thus distraction for both gender. Miss America Pageant can be considered one of the most recent and relevant examples for such situations. Majority of the people, mostly women and feminists, present their opinions regarding the ills of Miss America Pageant without having sufficient knowledge of the contestants. The primary reason for such bad words was that the girls participating in it were wearing swimsuits which does not cater to the feminist standards of current society and thus, they are labeled as anti-feminist. This is done without realizing the background, problems and hardships that forces these girls to earn money through such competitions. The view being held by people generally is that feminists should not make use of sex appeal or theory looks to get ahead in life, which punctuates enough their intelligence and skills. This exactly matches the essentialist notion of feminism provided by Gay in her article. Women participating in Miss America Pageant ignore this rule for the reason that even if they weren't pretty enough in pageant, there was always some magic which would help them move ahead and work upon fulfilling their dreams.
Taylor Marsh writes with the caption Miss America Pageant Shaming: A Feminist Trap in Huff Post, and talks of the conventional aspect of feminism applied by general public to the famous Miss America Pageant (Taylor, 2014). According to her, feminism refers to accomplishing all that a woman wants and frees her regarding choices and decision making in order to get somewhere. In this manner, the female justice and quality is ensured and for her, feminism doesn't involve getting approval for choices that a female makes. The support for such female objectification as done in Miss America Pageant rejects the essentialist notion of feminism.
The element of bad feminism also conflicts with the female's love for sports such as football. The prevalence of domestic assault and violence among the football players let feminism come in between the two. Just as the issues of bullying and racism have picked within the present day social structure, sexism, scandals and aggression for women has been ultimate of an overly hostile environment. Generally, the mentality and motto “boys will be boys” runs rampart in the National Football League. The primary reason for such a situation is that there exists no accountability or check for the unacceptable behaviors by the male players (Femillinial, 2013).
We, as a society, need to think beyond the notion that football is just a man’s game and female fans or players should either leave the kingdom or join the world with misogyny. It is high time that rooms are made for female players and their partners, fans, managers, owners, analysts, officials, and there will be a day when hostility and violence towards women will be diminished. It might also either minimize or alter the existing concept of feminism, rather bad feminism, and reject such notions as that of essentialists. The world ne...
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